• Ebony Williams

You Are Good Enough

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

As the years pass me by, I took a good hard look at my achievements from the prior years. I also envisioned some amazing things to come in the later years (God willing). One thing remains a tradition, I will no longer live in the confinement of my own mind, especially when it comes to thinking/believing that I'm not good enough. Which translates to I'm not ready. Which then escalates to it'll never happen for me. Then it goes into the spiral of why did I think it would happen for me? Which in turns brings us BACK around to believing that I am not good enough.

The trickle down effect our minds have on us is real. It takes one action, one word, one look, one deep breath from a stranger to put us in a downward spiral of not feeling equipped. When in reality, we are. I love this saying that I got from Pastor Steven Furtick with Elevation Church, "God doesn't call the qualified, HE qualifies the called." When I let that sink into my brain. And I mean sink in there deep down to where this is a belief that I breathe. I then became unstoppable. I started to mentally believe it, then I started to confess this with my words. I started to feel a shift in my heart and then a shift in my blessings.

Manifestation is key. Speaking things into existence is real. The power behind THE SECRET is people truly believing and manifesting their dreams. Which in time and with work and perseverance, it becomes a reality. I started to think this way before I left Alaska 7 or 8 years ago. I took this giant leap of faith and quit my job, WAY before I had one lined up. I was on the phone with my sister from another mister Corinna Delgado who lived in Houston and said "Sis, it's your time. Move down here, you can stay with me and you'll figure it out." So I did just that, turned in my notice and within a few days... BEFORE I stepped foot on that plane, I landed a radio job in Texas.

The rest is history in a trail of similar events that lead me to Denver and then now Los Angeles. But in the city of angels, I faced a new problem. Here I am this radio and television personality for over 13 years of my life. And I'm moving to Los Angeles and I'm no longer a broadcaster. I'm another doe-eyed girl, chasing a dream that God placed in her heart. What confused people the most is the dream I'm chasing has nothing to do with me personally being in front of a camera or behind the microphone. This dream was to create and build a platform for people giving them something to perform in.

After a rough two year start, I'm now at CBS (back in the broadcasting can't seem to escape it lol). Instead of doing what my mentor and other people are pushing me to do, which is act and be on screen, I decided to fill my heart and bring to life one of my scripts. It's tough when so many people want you to do one thing and they will back you all day for it. To have those same people be mute when you're doing something you KNOW God is calling you to do. Now I'm in a state of proving myself TO myself that I can do this. That I AM GOOD ENOUGH.

Do I have doubts? Of course I do! I fight every day asking myself is this the RIGHT time to create a TV show or a movie? I don't have the funding, I don't have the push or pull I don't have XYZ. But my angels reminded me that I have something better I have GOD and his blessing. So with that in hand, starting Sunday Jan 12th 2020, I will be shooting my first scene for a pilot episode that I created. I have an amazing team of actors, camera crew, editors and so on that are excited about this project. Most importantly they're excited for me and to work...even for free!

So stop saying you're not good enough. Whether it's your invention, a script you want to write, a book that you want to pursue, even when it comes to LOVE. STOP SAYING YOU'RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Truth is, you're WAY more equipped to do what your heart desires. YOU have to get out of YOUR head and take that leap of faith and do it. Be like Nike JUST DO IT.

Don't wait until the New Year of 2021 to make it a resolution. Why wait for something you truly love to do? So if you would love to donate to my awesome first ever production please click the image below.

<3 Eb