• Ebony Williams

Poem: Connection

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Experiencing you is the best thing to happen

A new level of self satisfaction

Not in the typical sexual way

Something deeper where nothing can stand in the way.

You see, you came at a moment where I never knew what I needed

I was so blinded by what my wants it superseded everything

Everything... but you because you are the definition of love

That love that people talk about.

That thing that some post about

The never ending, non-judging, always loving

That feeling that makes you want to be better

That something that shifts your entire atmosphere.

Coming in like a wrecking ball, we weren't sure what this was

Two years of idleness, while being each others biggest fan

Seeking out what others wanted for us, looking for that man

Cheering each other on, while we sit in the stands.

Knowing you should be here and wanting you to come home

But this is a journey we had to take on our own

Letting each other go but still keep it close

Made it easy for us to find our way home.

That night in the chair, all black with it's leather back

Smell of honeydew, dim lights and soft sounds

That of the music mixed in with your melodies

Made me realize that this was something deep.

A connection that exploded the night was full of exploring

A night like many but this one was different

Bonded at the same time the waves came from the ocean

Riding the single surf board and splashing my face

It gave me a rush of adrenaline in that place

I knew you felt it the soft expression of my love for you

I knew you could hear it without the words coming from my mouth

Because what I felt, you felt too.

The connection is different when it's meant to be

Whether a lifetime or a season either one is fine with me

Experiencing this new road as far as our eyes can see

I'm glad our dead ends drove us to our scenery

Even if the service is shut off

You can never interrupt a true connection.