• Ebony Williams

Malcolm & Marie

While some weren't ready for Zendaya to shed her Disney princess wings, the fans that grew up with her was more than ready to see the young starlet in yet another heart-tugging role. Co-Star John David Washington who's no stranger to delivering dynamic performances like his part in BlacKkKlansman & Monsters and Men was the perfect piece to the chaotic puzzle of these two characters. This film allows Zendaya and John to be a couple that might resemble you and me or someone that you know. Malcolm & Marie directed and written by Sam Levinson who also created the hit show Euphoria sets the drama romance film in black and white.

Malcolm & Marie is about a director and his girlfriend's relationship being tested after they return home from his movie premiere. Seems short and sweet just by reading the mini synopsis right? However, when Marie tried to make her point on how she feels underappreciated among other things in their relationship; Malcolm seems to solely focus on his win and tries to discredit his beau's feelings and involvement with his success. Malcolm is the perfect example of a writer. To quote Erykah Badu he's "an artist and sensitive about his shit." In a heated exchange of love, passion, hate, anger, sadness, pettiness, and flirtatious conversation, we have a front-row ticket to a shit show that we can't stop watching. This film brings to question, "is there a right time to share your feelings?". After Marie boldly states how they shouldn't go into what's bothering her and deal with it the next day, we watching agreed. But, when you consider the booze, neglect, and high emotion of the evening we knew that wasn't the route Malcolm was going to take. I was now in a tug-of-war between two passionate people, trying to pick a side on who was right or wrong. I couldn't choose between the two, in various moments I wanted them to make up and make love already!

After watching the film I sat in silence. All I could say was "all of this could've been avoided". I then began to examine my past fights with former lovers or current ones, I placed myself in the living room, me as Marie and my ex as Malcolm. I then realized, I too have had this argument, maybe not as explosive but just as verbally painful. Watching them take a jab at one another, one more vicious than the last, I noticed a little of myself in them. When peeling the layers of Malcolm and Marie, I can admit at times as people we listen to respond instead of listening to understand. At times in an argument, we have one in the chamber ready for our partner, if they dare to speak or share something with us; that might make us look or feel bad. This is also what happens when you hold onto feelings for so long.

Leaving me with the question, does it come to a happy ending? If your partner were to use your most precious, intimate, and embarrassing moments against you, would you be able to recover? Malcolm & Marie watch it now on Netflix.