• Ebony Williams

Love is Love... Right?

After one of my favorite humans posted a picture of her and her new man on Instagram I was exploding with happiness! A few days prior I tweeted her sharing that if the rumors are true, I'm 1000000% here for it! Come to find out the rumors were true and I had to take her her page to share my excitement for her new love. Then I go to his page! I go to share my love there and was met with so much hate.

When rapper Jeezy posted this adorable photo :

I was so happy! But his comments were not that... Of course! PLEASE insert the biggest eye roll emoji here.

There were so many women in his comments that were angry with the fact that she's not black. Are we still in this phase? So as I trolled the comments and read one hateful comment after another and some racial about fried chicken to fried rice... It dawned on me. That these women aren't angry with him (because I'm 1000000% sure they don't know this man) they're angry at themselves. They have so much hate for themselves, so much insecurity and issues left unresolved and it's pouring out in their cries in this mans comments.

Personally, I don't give a damn about the race anyone is with. What matters to me is this: do they love you? Do they respect you? Do they treat you right? Do they understand your heart? Do they protect you? Do you feel undoubtedly that they will have your back? Do they handle your heart with care? Why not these questions instead of the "What's wrong with black women?" so many comments about that and it was extremely annoying.

Yes we can address the issue that some people are "white washed" and do hate themselves. We see it in the way they move, talk, act and so on. That is one thing you can't say about Jeezy, that he hates his skin. Just because a black man dates outside his race doesn't mean that he doesn't like his black queens. Why are there so many women who are here for Eve, Serena Williams, Cassie and others who date and marry white men, but when a black man does it... it's bullshit? It's hate? What's with the double standard? Why is race a major issue and only pertains to black men the most as opposed to black women?

Someone even commented "how can she relate? what has she been through?" Well ma'am, with that comment I'm convinced you have no idea who this woman is. Jeannie has been to jail and prison a few times, Jeannie talks about her "Pre-Jesus Jeannie" phase on The Real a few times, where she shares stories that will tell her she's 100% about that life. The shit that she has gone through is way more intense than what most of those women will ever encounter int heir life. Don't let that little cute face fool you, this tatted up chick from the Bay area is something else.

With that aside, to make a small judgement on someone you don't know because of a love you do not understand shows how much certain people are out of their element. If there was a man who loved any of those women in those comments, I'm sure they would be happy for them. Instead, because they're most likely single and lonely, all they see is another black man off the market and taken by someone who isn't a black woman.

Instead of letting your self hate project itself into the comments of someone else, may I suggest that you take a look in your heart and clean that shit out. Go to therapy and dig up those deep rooted issues so you can heal and move on. Instead of focusing on this interracial love and filling it with negativity how about this; focus on the beauty that these two people have found... in this fucked up world they found something special.

I'll end on this note for all my ladies and gents out there. Just because they don't pick you, whether it be for the interim or a lifetime, doesn't mean that they hate their race.