• Ebony Williams

Just... Let It Go

Well this is awkward. I was faced with a strange reality about people. There are some who can't let a person, thing, idea or whatever it may be go. While on the other hand, there are others who have the ability to let things go to the point where they have amnesia. Today both of those types of people were apart of life.

When it comes to someone who has this innate ability to let things go, he messaged me today and ask something of me. I had ambivalent feelings about them and the question at hand. This person wanted my help in something that might possibly be a good idea; all depending on whether or not they are actually creative.

I was reading the message that started with admiration, then the favor and then a closing. I sat in my chair at work and was disgusted. Do they NOT remember that night? The night of Halloween when they climbed in the bed next to me? The night I was passed out drunk in a SAFE PLACE, but they crept in the room? That night where I woke up to him touching me?

Now, years later, you have the audacity to ask me to help you create something? Cute... But I'm good love, enjoy.

Then there was a person who's a habitual liar, a narcissist and someone I truly believe to be a sociopath and psycho all in one. That's one jammed packed cookie; but trust me, this female has earned every chocolate chip of labels I just mentioned. This one can't let the idea of someone go. Which is odd, because they have someone, multiple people they're with if I'm honest.

That leaves me with the questions.... when do you.. just.. let it go? When do I let go that Halloween night and the creeper next to me? When does she let go of someone who's clearly moved on and is happy? Is there really a fine line between the two? Does the line exist from being too cool to being obsessed?

The mind is a beautiful thing. A very tricky thing. An extremely complex thing that I don't understand. When I think about it... I don't want to understand how it all works or why people do, think and act the way that they do. All I can do is protect myself and act in ways that benefit me and those that I love.

The ego is a beast when it comes to being rejected, especially by a pawn that you were playing in this Life of Chess. Or being told "no" by a superior person or even someone inferior. Even watching as others receive their blessings before you. It's the shot to the heart, ego, mind-fuck that sends us into an uproar. Causing us to think irrationally and for others, they act with force.

That's why it's important to sit on your words before you release them into the universe. So, as I close this post I have a question for you.

When do you... just, let it go?