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  • Ebony Williams

How Tink single handedly made me realize I might still be unstable

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Tink - the sultry superstar songstress who is wildly underrated - released another album just in time for Friday night shenanigans.

While I opened Apple Music desperately searching for some new music that wasn't bombarded with heavy made up beats and mumble words - I was happily surprised to see one of my favorite R&B divas.

"Thanks 4 Nothing" is the anthem for all who are fed up and ready for something real. Tink is spearheading a movement for those who wish to speak freely and live in their truth. The best part about the album, in true Tink fashion, she how unapologetic she is with her feelings.

While I laughed at punch lines like "These days you can't even trust who you're f***in" and "these days you're just getting f***ed and recycled," I also found myself in deep thought - why am I laughing when.... I relate to the lyrics all to well? My connection to this album brought up reminders that my unfiltered trauma isn't fully dealt with.

Parading around like I, someone who's a lover of therapy and a steady goer for over 10 years, am still NOT healed in my like I thought I was. Is this why, I can't let certain situations go? Is my true mental state the reason why I'm still somewhat, being held back? To answer that in short, yes.

The set list consists of song titles like: "Toxic", "Let Down My Guard", "Stingy", "Fake Love" made me realize that Tink, much like the rest of social media is SICK of these N***as! Using the word universally, men and women and those who identify differently, are simply sick of the disrespect. Sick of the secrets. Sick of the betrayal. Most importantly sick of the hurt.

"Thanks 4 Nothing" is not just the title of her album, it's the theme for the years that came, went and are to come after the Pandemic. You worked your butt off for a job only to be hit with layoffs? Thanks for nothing. You stayed in your relationship only to be cheated on or for it to not work? Thanks for nothing. You wasted time mending friendships, to have it back fire? Thanks. For. Nothing.

While social media is in an uproar, the world around us is on fire, and the people at the core are hurt and bothered. How can we move on? How can you move on? How can I stop being apart of the cycle of hurt? What can we do? Can anything be done?

Those are the questions that come to mind after I shut off the world and let the sexy voice of Tink take over my mind, body, and emotions. After I sat with the album, I took each song to heart in a different way as the music transport me to another dimension.

Tink is a power house who needs and deserves more recognition. She steadily releases projects almost every year, whether it's an album, EP or music video.

This album might be a self reflection of not just her, but for anyone with a heart who takes a chance on love and life. This album is a remind to always face the hurt and remember that YOU are a bad bitch.

One thing remains true about Tink, she isn't just an artist, she IS ART.


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