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You ready for this? don't worry, cheesy music won't start to play....  But I'm from good old Anchorage, Alaska! The amazing Last Frontier is what I have the pleasure to call home, and where I started my career in broadcasting. 

At 17-years-old I got my first taste of this crazy world as a weather girl for Fox 4 News KTBY-TV. After about three years there, I jumped into the world a radio! A world that would allow me to be myself! I fell in love with radio! So much so, that I moved to various markets having shows in Alaska, Texas, Colorado, with syndication, and shows on satellite and internet. 

Now calling Los Angeles home where I'm writing, producing and directing projects. I'm still in the broadcasting world with my podcast Cafe HonesTea; and will be back on the airwaves soon.  On the side I'm a freelance content creator for various projects, fashion, fitness, music, television and more. 

I'll keep it short and sweet but if you want to know anything, my rates for freelance work etc, click the contact button.