"Life without risk is boring. You'll never know your true potential by playing it safe." 

Ebony Williams

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Cameras Are ROLLING! 

While on set for a role that I booked , I realized how important it is to have representation for EVERYONE. I wish stories would include more people who look different, act different and everything in between!

So instead of complaining about it, I'm going to use my talents and create a space to highlight the beauty in our differences with my comedy series.

I've decided to take ANOTHER leap of faith and bring a comedy series that I wrote to life! 

I'm very excited and proud of this new venture as it's creating more roles for people of all colors, sexual orientations and different styles. I'm proud to apart of the changing movement to showcase some AMAZING talent. 


While the January Whole30 tends to stir up the most buzz and attention at the start of every new year, it’s the February Whole30-ers that get to reap the benefits. Learning from those that came before you – especially if you’re gearing up for your first Whole30 rodeo, can give you stable footing to take off from, provide confidence during a time when confidence tends to be low, and set you up for success for your 30 day food adventure. 

As we slide into February, we called on our Whole30 community to share their experience of Whole30s past. From vets to newbies, they share their takeaways and advice for those of us embarking on the February Whole30. 


Today we’d like to introduce you to Ebony Williams.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
I grew up in Anchorage, Alaska! That’s always a great place to start, huh? To get rid of any rumors, no it’s not winter 24/7, yes there’s a summer in Alaska, also no I didn’t own a pet polar bear. They’re only in the zoo.

Credit: Taco Mudez Photos

We're constantly on the go! So why not be a little cliche and take the show on the road! 

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With life hitting us in the face everyday, you get a chance to step inside the cafe and hear topics, opinions and so much more that we all can relate with.