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      Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Always the third wheel or the friend who "takes one for the team. Dating is a gross word to one who has no idea what she's doing, let alone knows how to do it. 
      Some people are naturally talented when it comes to dating, flirting, or catching the eye of the heartthrob from across the room. As for me, I am NOT that one. Instead, I have the elbow sniffers, knee lickers, and ear pinchers; trust me, you read that correctly my friends. 
      Enjoy the journey on my comedic dating life as I wrote down all of my horrible dates, relationships, trails and tribulations that help make me who I am today.

The Single Chronicles Part 1, the first of a three part mini series. Welcome to the beginning of a single girls' diary

Hope is 32 years-old and finds herself in a slump after a breakup from her long term boyfriend. Soon she finds herself mourning in the grand tradition of breakups: chunky monkey ice cream, romantic movies, and singing concerts in the shower. She has three friends who think the world of her, despite the fact that everything she owns is out of date and her car is a push to start... literally.

Hope's best friend JEN urges her to get her life together and stop living in the moment of weakness. With the back up of Hope's family, Jen is able to get Hope to sign up on a social networking site; where she can meet new friends or act as any person she wants to. After giving up on fighting her friends and family, Hope joins social media and realized that life isn't so bad on the internet. 

After a makeover of not just her looks but also her personality, Hope joins a gossip crew, uses acronyms as a form of English and posts obsessive pictures of her food. Hope turns into the devilish drama queen we all love to hate. When her entire world comes crashing down, work, friends and her love lie Hope is let alone in a mess that she created. Realizing that she made a mistake is it to late for Hope to make up for what she's done and the relationships she's damaged? 

    Makayla is like your average little girl. Growing up in Decatur Georgia with a loving family. Somewhere down the line between family drama and secrets that come out along side of other people that enter her life. She is the lone person to stand the trail of the murder of her family and a few others. She confides in a friend named Monica who she met in the hospital and the two girls quickly because friends. 
    One by one her family starts to die and the ones around her. Cops show up missing, CPS officers are found dead and the crooked police system slowly starts to expose their own dirt. 
    Could a 12 year old really kill off her entire family? After confiding in her new found friend Makayla learns that Monica knows more about her and her family than she should.