Monday, May 13, 2019

Poem: Night Dreamer

I often wonder what it would be like,
  if I didn't have the pleasure of having you in my life.
A thought that has crossed my mind
 way to many times.

Seems to play like a fiddle
  that same A string without hesitation
much like the first time you said
  I love you.

Words that I've heard before.
  However, they were never expressed in this way.
Words that I've said before
  Only because it sounded like something I needed to say.

This time, I felt what you said.
  I understood what you meant.
My heart skipped a beat at the climax
  Of emotion.

As we lay, I look at you.
  I admire this person that I'm laying on.
As we lay I watch intently as the stumble on your face
  brushes against my left hand that's cradling your cheek.

I know you can feel me.
  The way I look at you.
It's so very piercing... my eyes that is.
  Eyes that look into you and find your heartbeat.

While you wiggle a little I place that left hand on your chest.
  Your heartbeat is steady, I envy that.
You're so comfortable, at ease, so trusting laying next to me.
  I kiss your neck and your heart beats faster.
You kiss my forehead "hey baby" you whisper.

I've never watched someone sleep before.
  Not the way that I look at you.
With each move, I wonder if you're okay.
  What are you dreaming about?
Can I protect you in any way?

Conversations have no end
  Unlike the night that seems to give in.
Talking until we fall asleep and wake up in heat.
  It's new and something that many don't know how to handle.
I'm in that same boat but I'm paddling towards you.

Night dreamer, is all I can think of.
  As I watch you sleep.
I have to admit I do feel like a creep.
  Staring at your chest to make sure you're breathing.
Touching your skin to watch the goosebumps rise.
 Kissing you lightly until you open your eyes.
"Morning baby" you stretch and pull me close.

Then we fall asleep... and it starts all over again.

<3 Ebony

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