Monday, April 1, 2019


"I still got a cold library of books that I've either read or I plan on getting to." Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle. 33-years-young was murdered yesterday RIGHT in front of his store.  Someone asked me "why is his death so important?"that was a real question when I shared this post to my social media page:

I understand that for some, because he's a black male, with tattoos, a rapper etc and fits your "I don't give a shit about these people" stereotype. I understand that for some, just looking at him you deep down are glad "another thug" is gone. I understand that because he's not an "All-American" looking female victim, you won't blink twice at a senseless death. I get it, that IF he looked the total opposite that America's heart would be in pain, but instead we get the "why does HE matter?" question.

"Thought is powerful in all phases. Even in my career, even in my life, 
things end up exactly how I visualized them." - Nipsey Hussle

He IS the definition of someone doing their best to not only live their best life, but be a business man, a smart man who understood an asset from a liability.

He sold 1000 mix-tapes for $100 each, profits that went to starting his independent record label. He was set to meet with LAPD to figure out a way to help end gang-violence. He was creating a housing systems for the less fortunate. He also has an amazing clothing brand MARATHON, which is where he was shot dead in front of.

He's an investor, a father, a lover, a son, a friend. He understood that this life was short and you needed to maximize your time here on this planet. He was one of the best artists out there. His lyrics spoke truth. His interviews spoke life. His smile made you smile. His energy was infectious.

The death of Nip, didn't  hurt just those close to him. I had the pleasure of meeting him, being invited to his latest album release party and hearing him speak. One of the many reasons why the death of Nip hit us so hard is because he IS culture. He went beyond hip-hop, music, sports and lifestyle. In my eyes, he was one of the many faces of a Cinderella story.  The way he invested in himself to be smart, not just in the streets but educationally is admirable.

Nip was the person who kept it real regardless of how you might have felt. His death hit us hard because he was always himself. He was someone that many looked up too. He was putting back into the hood where he came from. He was expanding out to reach and teach those around him and those who looked up to him.

"You'e got to have faith in what you're doing and not take no for an answer" Nipsey Hussle

For me, it hit hard because we're around the same age. I understood what he was doing and the moves he was making. He was a man to respect and one who fed into those who wanted to listen and learn. He's always been one of my favorite artists and will remain as such. Not to mention the encounters we had and motivation he gave me to keep going will always stick with me.

Many speculate that his death was no coincidence. Seeing how he was working on a documentary about Dr.Sebi , a man who proclaimed to find the cure for HIV/AIDS. Others are tying that too the death of Lisa Left-Eye Lopez from TLC, who died in a car crash after speaking out about Dr.Sebi's discoveries.  Let's not be sidetracked and fall into the trap of distraction. This case, is NOT the time for a conspiracy theory.

"I just believe in ownership.. I believe in investing in yourself.." Nipsey Hussle. 

Believe what you want, this man was murdered. A young black man was murdered and taken away from his beautiful children. Taken away from his lady. Taken away from his family. Taken away from the culture that so desperately needs a positive influence. Taken away because of a "government conspiracy" or because of "gang-related issues" matters, BUT let's not overshadow that whatever the reason, WHOEVER the person responsible NEEDS to go down for it. This is not the time for mum-lips. We have to do better.

To be mourned by the Crips, Bloods, Cops, Political Figures and across the world means you're one bad mother f***er.

One thing that will always remain that NO ONE can erase is his legacy. Nipsey Hussle is an icon.

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