Saturday, January 19, 2019

Mindless Thunder

It's not that... 

Well I....

You see, sometimes.... 

It's been hard to figure out a way to start this blog. Recently, I've been heavy into posting videos of encouragement instead of writing them. Videos that I share on all my social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and my Facebook fan page. My latest video got over 9k views on Twitter.  So I guess I'm saying something right, but still, to you, it's no excuse to go unheard of. 

Anywho, my mind has been in this weird space as of late.  I've been very busy and focused (nothing new) but this is on a new level. I've been asked many times, what's going on?  and you're so secretive! My answer to that is, not everything is meant to be posted. We go through a lot on a daily basis, sometimes we need to keep it to ourselves. If I can be honest, the reason why I don't hang out with certain people during this time is because I don't let in certain energies when I'm creating. 

For me, I can't be around certain people when I have a script to write or project I'm hired on. Some energies drain you and don't uplift you. Let's face it, most of those around us don't want to see us win.  I'll let you know this, there are some big things happening when it comes to writing and selling of my scripts and getting back into broadcasting. I have to keep my mind clear. I have to keep a positive atmosphere and those that I know have my back close.

I'm in a state of praise through all the pain. In a way I'm in disbelief from all that I've gone through to what God's giving me and blessing me with. With each new stepping stone I'm accomplishing, it could've only been done by the grace of God. 

For all those that I've helped get here like, letting you stay with me for months rent free, to have you turn your back on me. To helping you health wise and lose weight, in return for  you to disappear,  or for those I've given (not lending) money to make sure you can eat and pay bills, to have you turn your head away from me etc. I appreciate everything you've done in showing me who you are. 

I realized that it's not a reflection of me. God showed me you, so that I can see that you weren't meant to come with me on this journey. I'm the type to bring everyone with me, and I know I can't do that. I stick my neck out for people. I give great recommendations, so great that most of my acting friends have been casted in major projects. I'll continue to help those who deserve it, and God puts on my heart.

Now that I got that little jab out the way. Thanks for understanding my journey and being with me while I go through it.  
<3 Eb

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