Saturday, November 3, 2018

Be Mindful of The Help & Advice You Respond Too

Who would've thought, that taking certain advice and help from people could actually do you more damage than good? I've experienced many situations where I needed help and advice. I would reach out to certain people for certain things and keep it moving. Recently, I experienced how powerful it can be to heed advice from someone who isn't aligned with where you're going.

Every one of us has a different vision for what we consider successful. Some just work various jobs and pyramid schemes to get rich, others have no sense of structure and just go wherever the check is written, some are strategic, others just go with the flow and don't care. When it comes to taking advice and help from others, it's very important to be careful who the source is.

Just because they mean well, doesn't mean it's Gods plan.

Ever heard a friends' success story, they tell you exactly what they did, you try it and don't get the same outcome? It could be true for diets, exercise, types of meditation and so forth. That's because every one of us is wired differently. What works for someone else might not work for you because you're path is set to a different tune. They're supposed to go left and you're supposed to go right. 

I've learned this lesson the hard way. I was accepting help and advice from someone who meant well. After they would speak, I would get this feeling of condemnation. I would feel very convicted about the thought of going down their trails. It was like God was telling me NO, I have it covered, STOP and WAIT. But while you WAIT I will be SILENT

How irritating is it to need God and he's silent? 

For someone like me, it's hard to sit in the silence. Especially when everything around me is falling apart. I'm smiling, I'm "happy", I'm making those around me feel beautiful, smart and so much more because I've very complimentative. All while there's this giant storm that I'm going through, one that I cry myself to sleep too. One that triggers some mental setbacks. A storm that I can't see the light in, but I'm trying to believe that this SILENCE is where I'm supposed to be. Maybe to build my faith I guess?

After all, the happiest people tend to be the ones hurting the most.
 I chose to uplift you even if I'm sinking. 

Now I'm just rambling out my thoughts as if this were a public diary. That's the only thing about not being on the radio anymore. That, I would use that platform to connect with you in a more personal way, now you have to go to the old-fashioned art of reading're welcome. To wrap it up, I'm struggling in the silence, because I know this is where my faith needs to be strengthened. So he keeps putting me in the silence...

Before you seek advice and help from others, please pray on it. Pray for God to send you the right person. It might be someone that you know, it might be someone that you don't know. Most importantly, pray about it, cover yourself in prayer. Protect yourself with Gods shield. 

<3 Ebony 

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