Friday, August 31, 2018

It's Hard to Take Your Own Advice

Funny thing about writing these blogs, I write them so much that I plan them out on when they'll post. I try to aim for every Monday, but then life throws me a curveball and I have to write something else. I have to write in the present I have to share with you the thoughts that are on my mind at the time that they happen. Which brings me to this:

How come it's easy for us to give advice but
 so hard for us to take our own advice?

As of late, I feel like I'm Vivian Green. Some might know that name so let me explain a little more, I'm on an emotional roller-coaster. Get the reference yet? If yes, you know that song is simply amazing. If you don't know that song, Google it, you won't be disappointed. I had a friend tell me that when she gets down, she reads my blogs and she gets encouragement. I was instantly humbled because she is someone with great faith.

She's someone that I turn to for prayer. She's someone that's beside me on this journey and I love her dearly. She's more than a friend, she's family. To hear her say that she looks to my words, someone who has no idea what she's doing most of the time. Someone whose faith is up and down. Someone who at one point wants to play in traffic and in the same breath praise God. She finds a sense of peace in my honesty. Then she hit me with this: 

You should re-read your blogs and pray to renew your mind 

After she said that, I went into a deep prayer mode. Secluded in a room for an entire weekend. I didn't see anyone, I didn't answer anyone. I was alone in a room that was extremely hot, and I was determined to hear from God. Shortly after, someone I admire needed prayer, he didn't mention it, but I sent one to him. His response "wow what made you send me this timely prayer?" All I could say was ... basically... Jesus. Then another friend of mine the next day said she needed prayer, and I sent one ASAP. 

How could I send these amazing uplifting prayers to my fellow peers,
and not receive those same powerful words for myself? 

Why am I blocking my own blessings? Why am I making it harder for myself? I know the darkness. I'm no stranger to this place. I also know that there's a magnificent way out. But yet, I can't seem to get over this hump. I have yet to get over this hump. I refuse to say I can't. Because there is nothing that I can't do when it comes to bettering myself. There's nothing that I can't do when Jesus is right by my side. 

But I understand that it's hard to believe that when 
you're the one in the middle of the turmoil. 

The burden of guilt and shame is a beast. The devil in itself in full form stomping around in my mind. That's where he lives, in our minds because that's the only place he can get to us. He can't physically harm us, but he can make us think that he can. That's why it's important to take control of your mind and your tongue. It's important to watch how you think and what you speak. YOU have the power to speak things into existence. 

Control your mind. 

When you think bad thoughts, you speak bad thoughts. When you speak bad thoughts then your heart starts to feel those bad thoughts. Once it's in your heart, its hard to get it out. It's not impossible to get it out or change your heart, but there will be work ahead to heal your heart. If you want to go through more battles then let the ill wills fester in your mind. If you want to avoid that altogether, then my friend please work on your mind. 

It's not easy but listen to your own advice. 

We all have people that come to us for advice. We're that shoulder, that voice of reason. So next time you give advice, whether it be in a text message, social media post or phone call. Remember what you say. Then I want you to look in the mirror and repeat those same words and personalize it. Look at yourself and acknowledge that you're: 
here for a reason
highly favored
cared for
douted on 
not forgotten 
not alone
but instead
you are loved 

<3 Ebony 

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