Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Damn Dirt

Damn dirt...
I dust off my knees and pick myself up again.
This time the fall was higher than it's ever been.
To me, at least, that's what I think.
To those around me, they let me sink.

Gasping for air as I hit the ground.
Arms flailing around
Like that thing at a car dealership.
I bet I look that silly to God.
Like Peter who got out of the boat and walked on water.
Then when he lost sight he started to sink into troubled waters.

Keep your eyes on God.
If that's what I do, then I'm sure to float.
Or, at least I think that's true?

Damn dirt....
Now, I hit the ground from a higher way up.
The last time I thought it was tough.
But the universe had something in store.
Something higher, better, rougher and more.

It challenged my faith and tested my ways.
It left me to cry tears that were dry.
I was out of water in my eyes.
I was exhausted and confined to my bed.
Spiritual paralyzation.

Damn dirt....
It hurts you know.
Always falling on your face.
Pulling yourself up getting back in the race.
To put your faith in a higher being.
One that you cannot see.
Only to get hit hard by the enemy.

I experience so many things.
Like a bipolar spring.
Rain or snow which one today will it be?
One thing I do know, no matter what the weather brings,
At least I was granted a new day.

So damn the dirt.
Damn, how many times I have to get back up.
The fact that I can get back up is what I need to focus on.
It means to God, that I'm not done.

He gave me a vision.
I have to prove that I can handle it.
So give me all my tests God.
Eventually I will pass them.
I'm ready for all your Glory and road blocks ahead.
I know you've given me enough to pass these tests.

I just ask of one thing God.
Next time, can the dirt not have gravel in it?

<3 Ebony

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