Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Poem: Indecisive Mountaintops

Strange title.... I know it is.
I was on the phone with my sister and we came up with it.
Not knowing what to write, or what thought to grab.
I sat on the couch with laptop in hand.
I listened to the people outside my window.
The lady yelling at her kids.
Her kids laughing back at her.
Her car doors slamming shut
Her horn honking uncontrollably.

it's silent. 

Silent long enough for the wind to make its mark.
Write about mountain tops! My sister yells on the phone.
The silence was broken by her energetic advice.
So much so that it ruined my silent mind.
The moment of peace has left beside me.
I now see a white living room, and my roommate sitting next to me.
The cars are in abundance.
The kids crying are in excess.
The noises are loud and they keep getting louder.
Now a firetruck is blasting through the neighborhood.

Mountaintops. Is all I can think of.

Those pointy things, some with snow and animals living on them.
Others are green, still cold but a distant destination.

Mountaintops. They take me back to Alaska.

Anchorage, Alaska is where I'm from.
Waking up, to look outside, to see that Alaska is a state that God
created from his perfect eye.
The air, the animals, the fresh water.
The scenery, the food, the ability to be.
That is the Alaska where I found me.
Myself is what I mean.

I can see it now.

<3 Ebony 

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