Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

I hope you're enjoying your day today or evening 
depending on when you're able to read this. 

I hope that today, you were able to relax. This time of year can be very stressful for all of us. For some reason, the holiday time puts us in an overly disgusting cheerfully mood, or have us manically panicked, or increasingly depressed and even for some of us all three! I was watching a sermon by Steven Furtick who preaches at Elevation Church in one of the Carolina's and he shared that during the holiday time, it's a time where the devil is most at work.

It make me sit back and think for a minute how true this saying is. Personally, when I have a breakdown or a panic attack or an attack from the devil, it's usually during the winter months. When I dig further into it, it always happens during the Christmas season. Why is that? Well, I think it's because there's an overwhelming sense of pressure during this time.

For me, all of my major moves that God calls me to do happen during this time. My bank account takes a major hit, I'm never where I want to be personally or professionally, but I still move when he says move, no matter what location, what job, I do as instructed. This time around, something is a little different. I'm finally where I want to be location wise and everything else is falling into place. I've mentioned this before, but I'm finally in a place of  happiness.

When I started to chase what matters most to me, everything got a little easier. When I left a place of certainty to follow my heart, my passion, my calling, it's not easy to remain faithful to God or to listen to him; but when I finally did it, the overwhelming sense of peace that fills my heart is amazing. I've been struggling a lot, but it's never getting to me. Instead, this time, my struggles are helping me. I could cave, leave and do what's easy; but I truly gave God everything!

 I can finally see him at work. 

I no longer stress, I don't worry, I don't cry, instead, I live my life, I enjoy myself, I experience the best situations and experiences. I've met new people and love them all differently. I've seen who is for me and who is against me. Who should be in my life or who I should let parish. I've accepted people in their seasons and appreciated them for it. I've learned to love while learning to love myself in the process.

Most importantly, I've realized it's time to help myself.

All of this, just by leaving what's familiar and trusting God with the rest. I know what 2018 has to offer. Well, I know that God is about to show out and I'm so excited. He gave me a little taste of it when I left Denver and moved to Los Angeles. I'm sitting tight in praise and worship at every corner whether something moves in my favor or is denied to me for my protection.

So, let's do something different this holiday season. Instead of letting it take a dig at us. Take time to relax and love yourself. Loving yourself is one of the most important things in this crazy beautifully twisted thing we call life.

<3 Ebony 

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