Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Why Aren't You Outraged?

Why aren't you outraged? 

Man do I hear that question a lot from so many people. Mainly white people when they turn to me and haven't seen me react the way they want me too given our countries current state. I hear that, or read it depending on what platform you're using to reach me; and I translate that to "why aren't you screaming profanity?" or "why aren't you posting a I hate white people post?" or a "where's your reference to slavery and what's happening now?" "Are you not bothered?"

When Trump was elected into office, a dear friend of mine messaged me saying how she, for the first time in her life is terrified to go to work. She's scared to get her daily steps in and walk in her neighborhood and she doesn't want to wear skirts anymore. All because Trump made it okay to "grab them by the pussy." She then proceeded to say "now I know how you feel, history and stuff. I can totally relate." What about that is comparable or deserves the equivalence to my experiences? My ancestors experience? or my brothers and sisters who are dying today?  All I could do was put my head down, rub my forehead and say to myself :

Some people STILL don't understand.

You see, what's happening now is not news and it sure as hell isn't new. The only difference is, that there was a hiatus from the bullshit. No, it didn't stop, instead it wasn't broadcasted as much; that was until people started to use the cameras on their phones. Then they started to share it on social media aside from local news outlets. So to answer the first question, why aren't I outraged? It's because I've been outraged since I went through my first experience of racism, racial profiling and wrongful doing. You see, I don't "get outraged" because it's trending on social media. I don't "get outraged" and share it with 140 characters on Twitter then go on about my day. I don't "get outraged" and share a few videos with a few inspirational words and then talk ill about my fellow patrons. No, I don't "get outraged" because I STAY outraged.

When I stay outraged, it's not the typical woe is me attitude. Or the attitude that starts to hate people. For me, when I'm outraged it motivates me to help. When something is wrong it motivates me to get educated and create a plan to make a difference. So for me outrage is good because it's not evil instead it pushes me to do more and be better. 

To address my dear friend who tried to use the presidency as a form of bonding with me, it's not the same and you cannot relate. Until you're followed around the store (and yes this still happens), until you're wrongfully pulled over and scared for your life, until you're server at a restaurant is asking to switch with someone because they don't want to serve you happens, until you come home to Nigger painted your door, until you realize that your loans for a house or a car will always have a higher percentage rate because of the color of your skin, until you get turned down multiple times for that loan or job because of your skin, until you hear racial slurs while walking the street, until you're in public and are addressed by a hot headed person who hates your existence is trying to fight you and no one is willing to help you; my list can go on for days; you cannot relate. 

I don't share my outrage because it's the thing to do and everyone else is on that boat. Unlike most people I know, they share their disgust on social media just to get a like or two and some shares. Those same people have no intention on acting on their words. To me it's another ploy to be 'poppin' and look 'woke' to your friends. For those of you who are supposedly outraged I have a a few questions, where's the love? Where's the passion for helping mankind? What I'm asking is, where is the action? 

It's easy to hide behind your status or tweet. It's easy to share a video and send condolences. It's easy to say what you would do. It's harder to actually do it. When you create those words on social media, make them your own. Put a little heart and thought in it. Show us that you're better because you understand ABC and D. Prove that you have some knowledge in this matter. That you see what the problem is. That you want to see a solution and maybe even are willing to be apart of the solution. 

Instead of posting about it, I'm working to help create a solution. 

I'm not asking you to be like Heather Heyer who died protesting in Charlottesville. But I'm asking those who are not of color and who see the pain, who see that there needs to be change and who see that we need your help to help bring people together. To use your privilege and spread the word. Yes I know that you have family, friends and co-works who are more than likely racist, but if you truly are not and you care, where's the love? 

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