Thursday, July 20, 2017


The sun shines bright and it beams on the palm trees.
The mango tree branches move so seductively as
as mango's drop, one branch at a time.

Is not what they are instead they're living in the moment.
Taking in every swig of air, every watery drip of rain and every beam from the sun rays.

The grass is bright green, but I can't walk on it because of the ants that dominate over the grounds.
The cement is hot, I love my bare feet on the driveway; but not today.
Sweat beads drop from my forehead one by one.
One dances down the right side of my cheek while another rides down my nose.

Is not what I am today. Today I take in each step and watch  my body move.
The way it reacts around solace and peace is much better than pain with no release.

The house is hot, it's making me breathe in a different way.
In a way that's unrecognizable to my body, so she freaks out.
But I calm her down with some iced water and mango.
Then, I stop watch the baby lizards move across the window and smile.

That's what the insects look like on the other side of the window.
Little do we know, they're playing possum from the sun.
Tanning a little as half their body is in the shade and the other in the rays.

Oh, I have shorts on today.
A blue tank.
Sandals, wedgies or heels is my biggest dilemma for the day.

That entire prior paragraph made me laugh.
The biggest issue as of late is what shoes to find to match.
Green grass, I stand on it this time.
White sandals on too.
Take my dad's seven iron and set my stance.

Head down slightly to the right.
Legs hip width apart.
Knees slightly bent.
Shoulders slanted more towards the right like my head.
Right thumb over left, breath, swing.

I could've easily chosen to be lifeless
But instead of not wanting to experience life less
I decided to think of life less

In a cherished kind of way of hopes and dreams.
In a loving way of 'that  will be me'.
In a confident way of God's got me.
In a chosen way of accepting everything.

Because of that, I don't worry much.
I worry less.
<3 Ebony

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