Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ebony Does: Vinue

Now you know I love a good glass of wine! Only problem is, that when I drink wine I get so tired! Anywho, a friend of mine found this really awesome wine bar and she convinced me to go with her. So here I am in a pretty cute part of Denver. I parked not to far from the restaurant/ wine bar and watched as someone almost got towed, while another group of friends were celebrating an engagement. It seemed like the night was going to go well and that I would be very much entertained.

So I'm at this fancy wine bar, it's white on the inside the stools are wooden, but not like Wal-Mart wood, like legit if you break me your wallet will scream type of wood. They literally had a wine bar to where you can buy a glass and taste every single wine they had available. I didn't do that because I needed to drive home, and I'd be damned if I paid for an Uber.

So here we are, I'm looking at the menu, honestly I wasn't to impressed with the food. My initial thought was, "am I going to spend all this money on mediocre?" So I ordered a this turkey flat bread thing and paired it with a red wine that our very handsome waiter from Columbia recommended. That man smelled like heaven, and our hands touched his skin was so soft it put mine to shame! Oh and his curls! Oh LORD! Okay, back to Vinue... sorry about that.

Surprisingly, the flat bread was AMAZING! The vinaigrette that was on top of the turkey and cheese made my tongue dance. Pairing it was a dry red ( I Have no idea what the wine was called, I'm sorry) was absolute perfection. I wanted more, naturally so I ordered this flour-less chocolate cake. Let me tell you something, that flour-less chocolate cake drizzled in raspberry sauce was orgasmic.

So if you're in the Denver area and want your tongue to love you  for forever, you want to have an amazing experience by your very own Colombian waiter and just want to eat some great food and have good wine, then Vinue is the place for you!

Oh and how random is this, they had an old silent movie playing on the wall. The movie was horrible, in black and white but I was so sucked in I didn't leave the restaurant until the movie was done.

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