Saturday, July 8, 2017

Ebony Does: Brunch At Snooze

I love food. That is the way to this girls heart. Not only do I love cooking it up in my kitchen or anyone's kitchen, but I love exploring new restaurants. My friend asked me if I've ever been to this brunch spot called Snooze.  She's from Texas and I used to live in Texas; and from all of my time in and out of Houston I've never experienced the amazingness that is Snooze. Why? Well, mainly because the line was so long and I'm not a patient person when it comes to food.

This time when we went, we had to wait almost an hour but she reassured me that it would be worth it. Now seeing that I had the new Jay-Z album 4:44, I wasn't to upset. We sat in her car listened to the album almost twice through until it was our turn to be seated.

Oh man, am I glad I waited. I got this eggs Benedict type of thing. Except it was on lox on rye toast. The salmon, mixed with the cream cheese, the tangyness of the bread, the pouched egg, the spices in the sauce and did I mention that I had a nice vodka cocktail to go with it? I don't know if I was buzzing or not, but nonetheless it was AMAZING! Moral of the story, go to Snooze wait for however long you have too; because it'll be worth it.

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