Monday, June 12, 2017

La Di Da Di

La di da di
can easily be finished with we like to party
But instead of drowning myself in Uncle Snoop songs
I'm drowning in a song of my own.

La di da di
as I watched a mama bird feed her baby
a squirrel frantically struggling to find their nuts
a coyote slyly move to the back woods because daylight is quickly approaching
I breathe in and focus on the earth
I feel my heart beating in a different way
my eyes seeing things I normal mistake as bad but in reality it's good
my tongue releasing an ode of gratitude to the up high

La di da di
as I pay attention to the creases in my face
the lines on my backside
the freckles on my cheeks
the scars on my arms
while all being aware of the scars on my heart

La di da di
as I make breakfast
egg whites and turkey sausage
no juice but instead I drink water
sit at my counter as I watch the second hand
do a seductive dance past the minute hand wanting him to catch her
but the thing is he never does.

La di da di
as I drive to work with no music just peace.
no thought just an eagerness to hear a message from God
my Papa, oh how I want to hear his voice so badly.
I watch the happiness from the geese when the grass is green
I hear the love in the voice of the birds as they land on a steady firm tree branch

La di da di
As I reminisce on one of the best moments of my life
not wanting it to end
but you see
that damn thing called time, calls for an ending of all things when it's right.
But that's when my friend steps in


She holds all my la di da di's
She loves bringing them up so I can sink back into that place
She loves long conversations of reminiscing
She even loves making me cry
So even though it's over for the moment

I'll still

La di da di

Until next time.

<3 Ebony

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