Sunday, April 9, 2017

Midnight Rendezvous

In a world that's so busy, it's still very slow to me
A place that's so loud, but no one can hear me
Trapped in a place of isolation and manic depression
my brain is trapped in the depth of despair
mismatched with the screams of a child wanting to be cared for or maybe
it's the screams of wanting it all to end.
They sound similar in a way
The way of gasping for air and wanting help
The way of begging for someone anyone to stop and look
The way of a dying heart
who's talent is drifting away by the sea of tears that's cried every night...
But yet
The show must go on after all it is a business
A business of life and happiness or at least that's what we display on the Internet
But for me
Someone who struggles with a reality of never being loved in the way that's intended,
or experiencing true friendships
or knowing what it's like at a honest family's hard
In a world where people listen to respond instead of listening to understand, 
it's easy to get lost and trapped in life's quick sand
It's slowly dragging me down
Pulling me in deeper as I try to fight these feelings
But it's winning,
the world is winning
I can no longer breathe.
Many of you claim to be there, an ode that's sung from the mountain tops,
but when your phone rings, when asked to hang
I'll tell you now it's to late to cry your tears when I'm gone.
Because the reality is, you were never there and you never planned on being there.
You've let  me slip when I was crying out and reaching for your generous hand
that you hold out to an extent only to retract it when it's needed.
But unfortunately I'm used to it.
This is symbolic in many ways
To be gone and end it all
Which truth am I speaking of?
Reality or the one in my mind?
In a world so loud
In a place so busy
It's easy for one to go unnoticed
Until the day comes when they're no longer here
Then all of a sudden
Everyone cares

<3 Ebony

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