Friday, April 21, 2017

Ebony Williams Catches Up With Marlon Wayans! He Has Shows THIS WEEKEND!

Ebony Williams catches up with her friend Marlon Wayans! He has show this weekend : 

Comedy Works SOUTH 

Tonight April 21st & 22nd : 7:15pm & 9:45pm
Sunday April 23rd at 7:30pm 

We talk about family, dreams, his show and more!  Get your tickets HERE

Friday, April 14, 2017

I talk with Lil Duval. Raquel Lee and Faizon Love about Grow House Out on 4/20

Grow House is a new film by DJ Pooh, starring Deray Davis, Lil' Duval, Faizon Love and Snoop Dogg. In theaters April 20, 2017 is about two guys who start a risky new business to pay off a debt. Ebony Williams sits down with Raquel Lee, Lil Duval and Faizon to get the scoop on the movie!


Sunday, April 9, 2017

Midnight Rendezvous

In a world that's so busy, it's still very slow to me
A place that's so loud, but no one can hear me
Trapped in a place of isolation and manic depression
my brain is trapped in the depth of despair
mismatched with the screams of a child wanting to be cared for or maybe
it's the screams of wanting it all to end.
They sound similar in a way
The way of gasping for air and wanting help
The way of begging for someone anyone to stop and look
The way of a dying heart
who's talent is drifting away by the sea of tears that's cried every night...
But yet
The show must go on after all it is a business
A business of life and happiness or at least that's what we display on the Internet
But for me
Someone who struggles with a reality of never being loved in the way that's intended,
or experiencing true friendships
or knowing what it's like at a honest family's hard
In a world where people listen to respond instead of listening to understand, 
it's easy to get lost and trapped in life's quick sand
It's slowly dragging me down
Pulling me in deeper as I try to fight these feelings
But it's winning,
the world is winning
I can no longer breathe.
Many of you claim to be there, an ode that's sung from the mountain tops,
but when your phone rings, when asked to hang
I'll tell you now it's to late to cry your tears when I'm gone.
Because the reality is, you were never there and you never planned on being there.
You've let  me slip when I was crying out and reaching for your generous hand
that you hold out to an extent only to retract it when it's needed.
But unfortunately I'm used to it.
This is symbolic in many ways
To be gone and end it all
Which truth am I speaking of?
Reality or the one in my mind?
In a world so loud
In a place so busy
It's easy for one to go unnoticed
Until the day comes when they're no longer here
Then all of a sudden
Everyone cares

<3 Ebony

Monday, April 3, 2017


One huge misconception is that some people think they have power over me because they might hold a higher position. Those people also become surprised by my optimistic nature because in all honesty, you don't have power over me. You for sure have a bigger pay level, but power? No. No man on earth can have power over me, because I will never give that to a person. I have power over me and so does Papa.

You see, Papa (God) always puts me where I'm supposed to be at the right times. He provides all things for me when I'm in need. He makes moves in ways that you can't imagine doing. How do you think I got to where I am? I never miss out on an opportunity that I'm supposed to have. My entire journey in this amazing thing called life is amazing. When I take my friends' advice and have a seat to sit back and look at all I've done; I still can't believe it.

 For someone like me, born with the deck of cards she was given, there's no way I would be able to be on Television as a weather forecaster for Fox prime-time news in Anchorage, Alaska at 18 years-old with no degree. Not only did I hold that position with no education in the matter or prior experience, I held that position for three years until I dived into radio. I hit a decade in the business this year, without a single internship. I have my degree now, and self-published a few novels. With that said, all things that are meant for me will be.

You see I put my trust and faith in Papa , not man. 

Recently, I've been stressing about a fucked up situation that I'm in and it started to take a toll on my health. One morning I woke up and said "Papa I'm tired, I need you." That's when I realized that my faith is being tested! When I stress or might have an inkling of worry, that shows me that Papa is setting me up for the next major thing. For my journey, when things get really hard, it's just leverage for Papa to catapult me into the next level. Kind of like a preparation type of deal, a pre-SAT before the actual SAT.

Currently, I'm in that awful pre-SAT stage, but from prior experience, the SAT's that he's preparing me for is much better. So my attitude changed, and I fell back into old habits of being thankful for the struggles. I began to be thankful for where I'm at and as a reminder that I'm living my dream. I was also reminded that what's behind the doors I keep knocking on, is worth the current struggle and my current situation.

You can't have a testimony without a test

He gave me a sense of peace in the middle of the night, and I've never slept better. I have a feeling I know what's to come; I'll share it when the time is right. As for now, just keep praying through your struggle and pain. Be thankful and praise him through EVERYTHING. Papa doesn't want to hear from you ONLY when it's good, he also wants to hear from you when it's bad, when you're upset, when you're confused and when you're frustrated. When he says give it all to him, he truly means it.

<3 Ebony