Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lauren London Defends Baby Weight Gain

And here we are again! People are so brainwashed by what's on the cover of magazines that they forget what normal women look like. Not to mention women who just had a freaking baby. When London went to an NBA game with fiance Nispey Hussle the couple was photographed in matching all black. I thought she looked fabulous but the internet trolls came coming! Some tweets included "I refuse to believe that she got fat ewe" while others sad "Ugh Lauren London is fat asf now? At least she's still kind of cute." oh and this one "Lauren London isn't even trying to lose the baby weight."

I agree with Officially Jamo!

What's even worse is that she had to come out and defend herself.... Seriously? Like I mentioned my Lady Gaga rant why is the woman's body ALWAYS up for discussion? If a woman wants to lose weight, gain weight, wear layers of clothes, wear barely anything it's always an issue in today's society.

It's a shame and I think she looks great, happy, healthy and beautiful!

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