Monday, February 6, 2017

To Those Who Body Shamed Lady Gaga

As Gaga was shaking it and giving us all sorts of life during her half-time show some people took to Twitter to express their disgust for Gaga's stomach.

Another tweet had a picture of a can of busted biscuits and said quote "in case you missed what Gaga's stomach looked like during the halftime show" 
Also another tweet that read:  "Gaga, ewe, you could've atleast done some crunches."  which was also deleted.
Since when did having softness, curves, dimples, cellulite etc become disgusting? I love those things and I have all of those things!

I loved Gaga's stomach because that's exactly what mine looks like. She displayed what many women truly look like. No she didn't need to do a few more situps to get that ultimate flat Gigi Hadid tummy. Gaga worked her ass off she gave us LIVE music, singing while dancing (which is NOT easy), played instruments, jumped off all sorts of shit, delivered an entertaining and powerful message of unity and acceptance BUT some people were focused on her stomach?

How about this, those people are projecting. They probably look like that busted can of biscuits and aren't loving of themselves enough to say "screw it I still look good." Sad part about the body shaming is that a majority of it came from women.

Maybe one day we can learn to build each other up and not tear each other down. I for one am a woman's woman meaning I encourage and strengthen those I know and don't know. I am anti bullying and against bringing anyone down because it's to much energy.

Another question WHY IS THE WOMAN'S BODY ALWAYS UP FOR DISCUSSION? People don't attack men as much as women when they gain a little weight or even when they lose some weight. Is it a crime to truly be happy with not looking like a photoshopped person on the cover of a magazine?

I'm into fitness, I love running a good mile, lifting some weights and testing my limits when it comes to my body. With that said, I mean what I said earlier. I have cellulite, that 'Gaga pouch', scars, booty dimples and I love every inch of it, every dimple, every scar, every flab of skin and my belly pouch. And I WORKOUT almost everyday! It's normal and it's SEXY!

To body shame one of the baddest, hardest working, gorgeous, multi talented women in the game is so pitiful. Get it together.

<3 Ebony

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splint coupe said...

1,2 and 3, as for the body slamming, there just jealous