Monday, February 27, 2017

The 'Just Checkin Inners'

Oh boy, we all have those people in our lives right? The ones who don't plan on having a conversation instead they want  to "check in" which in the end might lead to a "hey I need this from you" type of conversation. I'm not the only one right? I get it a lot, which is why I don't respond to a majority of people. Whether it be on social media or if they have my email or direct phone number. The bigger MY platform gets the MORE the handouts starts-a-comin! The more I bust MY ASS for where I'm at the more people who have NO WORTH ETHIC come knocking on my door.

I'm not a Facebook status! You can't check in with me and expect to get a like.

I've been politely (or I think that I'm being polite) telling the people who have nothing to say that I don't have time for a check in. I'm not a toddler and you aren't my parent, so for me to check in with you makes no sense. On top of that, we aren't even friends for me to check in and vice versa. Most of the people want me to tell them my projects so they are the FIRST to know. Some people if not all take it wrong, do I care? No and here's why. I don't care if they take it wrong or get offended because I only hear from them when THEY need something.

Now when I need something or when I need them to deliver what they promised  it's a ghost town. But when they have a new project whether be a song, album, clothing line, comedic video etc they have the audacity to contact me and pretend like everything is peaches and cream. There comes a time where we all have to say ENOUGH. For me ENOUGH to those who don't even bother to share my posts, books etc. but want me to share theirs. ENOUGH to the fake smiles and questions.

Just be honest and real and maybe I'll help out despite you being a horrible person

I'm all about helping people, I'm now focused on helping people who honestly have a good heart and a great project. I'm no longer in the business of helping those who can't help others around them or who have shitted one me. That door is forever closed and my responses will be bare minimum to none. That door might open if for some reason Papa (God) puts it on my heart, but until then it's closed.

<3 Ebony

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