Friday, January 13, 2017

Slowly Drifting

Do you ever want it all to stop? The world I mean, to just stop so you can breathe? So you can take in the wonders of the world and look at all the beauty that Papa (God) has created? So you can sit in silence and just enjoy your breakfast without your phone going off, or people at your door, or maybe even the people that you live with bothering you?

I want time to stop when the sunrises. When it's that beautiful color of heaven. You know, the purple, orange and yellows that dance in the sky as if they're doing the Rumba. Slowly and sexily swaying side to side. Taunting the sun because, they're playing in the abyss; while he slowly rises and is forced to watch their romance as he comes up alone. Then once he does rise, they slowly sway their hips left and right until they disappear waiting for their moonlit dance later on that evening in the stars.

I like that time of day because the birds sing quietly. It's soft, not alarming but just enough to take your mind to this place of peace. Then on some mornings, you can catch the wind whispering in your ear. She's seductive that one, so smooth with her words and light whistles as she passes your ears and plays in your hair. If you're lucky you can catch a mama feeding her babies. Might be a squirrel, or a bird and in my case I saw a coyote one morning. They all hunt in silence as their young sleeps. They leave quickly and come back just in time when they stretch their little legs. it's quite beautiful.

That's when I want time to stop the most. I love to watch, take it all in and be lost in the scene. I slowly drift away in the beauty that is peace and love. When I watch in the morning, that's when I understand what love and creations are all about. That's when I'm inspired the most. That's when I workout, that's when I read the best and that's when I'm able to relax.

Slowly attention span is weird. Some days it's on, others I'm like a toddler in a room full of shinny things and loud noises. Ultimately, I'm a drifter. A dreamer. Someone who can get lost in a world of her imagination at any point of the day, at any time and in any situation. I have visions of a life of peace and I get sad when I get out of those visions because I'm truly not at peace. I pray to Papa for it, and I'm patiently waiting. I pray to Papa for some sign, help, anything so that I will be okay. The only place that I am okay in... is that in my head. The dreams. The imagination. The writing.

Writing is life for me. It's the blood that goes through my veins. And my heart, that strong beast, she is imagination. Without the two I am nothing... but a loner... one who has no idea what it's like to drift away in peace. Or dance in the colors of the sky. I would simply be a book with no pages or words. Just a hard cold cover, wondering what life is about.

<3 Ebony

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Quadir Wafai said...

Such beautiful world play. The world would be a better place with more drifters.