Monday, January 30, 2017

All Lives Matter?

All Lives Matter! 

Man that was in heavy rotation when Black Lives Matter started to gain steam and shed light on the injustices of the system. Killing unarmed men and women, adults and children because of what.... 

Self-created fear... 

Fear that was created because the media LOVES to portray different racial & religious groups in a horrible light. The media shows what it wants, and it's up to us to believe it or do our own research. Problem is some people don't want to do research. Instead, they want to get their news from one source and call it a day. Some people even go to one of the most used sites that's not credible aka Wikipedia and seriously use that as proper backing for their arguments.Now All Lives Matter is very quiet; at least on my timeline it is. I don't see these posts like how I did during Black Lives Matter. I don't see people raging and being upset because of the Muslim Ban which is sick and inhumane along with many other things. I've only seen a handful of All Lives Matter posts when it comes to the Muslim Ban. 

 Why so quiet?

Is it because, when certain people were marching and screaming All Lives Matter, it truly means that... well All Lives Matter because you're trying to make Black Lives Matter? Is it because most of the All Lives Matter crowds were nervous because their superiority was quickly being taken from under them and they were not the center of attention? If we can be honest and serious, we truly know why All Lives Matter was created and what it means. 

Banning Muslims...

My Papa (God) how does my heart hurt. How dare he ban anyone when it comes to America? Land that was STOLEN from Native Americans, their women raped and beaten, men killed, children sold into slavery. Banning a group of people because you fear they are terrorist, when history clearly states that Europeans are the real terrorists when it comes to America is sickening. Coming to a land that stole, raped, murdered, enslaved, devalued humans has the audacity to BAN Muslims? Statistics show that immigrants aren't the issue when it comes to crime in this country. It's not rocket science to understand that we have a problem here at home with one another. We kill more of our own then those who come into this country legally or illegal. The level of ignorance and uneducated people in the world is amazing to me. 

So All Lives Matter

We all should be treated equally.
We all deserve a chance at a greater life. 
We all deserve to live without fear. 
We all deserve a chance. 

I'm doing my part to help my fellow brothers and sisters with not just my physical action, but I'm praying heavily. No one deserves to be treated like this. I've been treated like this and shit, I still am treated like I'm less than, unequal, unwanted the list goes on. You are not alone, that's what I want my Muslim family to know. There are people who are against this ban and we do not condone this. You are loved and you are wanted, you are worthy and you are appreciated.

<3 Ebony

I also have to throw in there, that the amount of love from the SAG Awards was amazing!

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