Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election & My Thoughts

I went to sleep before they announced who was our new president. I put my phone on vibrate and do not disturb because I already knew the outcome.

Am I surprised that he won? No
Am I upset that he won? No
Am I scared that he won? No
Am I sad that he won? No.

I'm none of those things instead, I expected him to win. When I first saw that the KKK endorsed Donald Trump, I knew he was going to win and here's why. Despite what people think, racism didn't go anywhere; and this election brought out some of the best of them all around the country and on social media.

I'm not even disappointed by the people I know, I never am when it comes to politics. To me, "Make America Great Again" means giving it back to it's native people, the REAL AMERICANS the NATIVE AMERICANS. Anyone else and everyone else is an immigrant.

As a person, what I will NOT do, is treat Donald Trump like how most of the racist jerks that live in this country have treated President Obama. I will not degrade him, talk negative about him or his family, I will not question his birth place, I will not have an opinion on his decisions based on his skin color. I will not make dolls and hang them from a tree, I will not call him out side of his name, I will not be rude, vile and such a disgusting person because I have no idea what it means to love. I WILL NOT be like the majority of this country, because:

I am better than that. Most of us are better than that.

God uses people. I think that he used this election to bring us closer to him; too depend on him and trust in HIM. Because in him "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13.

<3 Ebony

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