Friday, November 4, 2016

Dear Someone

Dear Someone,

Who likes to hide behind their social media accounts, falsely created for your own protection. To this someone who likes to say mean things to people they do not know, never met and will most likely have a different tune if they were to meet in person. To this someone who has the audacity to attack another human beings character, art, craft and talents. To this someone who chooses a time of day to speak negative when it's a highlight for positiveness . To this someone who has nothing else to do but troll on others who are being positive, trying to live happy and believe that there's good in others out there.

Thank You.

Thank you for being rude, mean, negative a nightmare to be around and or read responses from.

Thank You.

Thank you for still following my path and hating on it every step of the way. Because even though you spew hate, you are still making me relevant. Even though you take time to criticize me you are still talking about me to your friends who will most likely end up liking me. Lastly, even though you are so mean to someone you have never met, I can't help but feel sorry for you.

At first I was bothered and then I quickly remember that people like you have nothing else in life. So if I'm that one for you, to where you channel all your negative energy, then so be it. Just know that it doesn't bother me; which ultimately might bother you more. Oh well, can't help that now can I?

There is obviously something deep down that is hurting you. I believe that you are insecure and don't like others who are on a path to greatness and want to try and shit on it. Because of these things, I feel sad for you. I hope that you can find something or someone meaningful to help give your life purpose. I hope that your crooked heart can be changed and that God can work wonders so that you're darkness can see some light.

 But like my friend Corinna says "You can go dwell in the dark and make mushrooms with your shitty ass."

<3 Ebony


Kamron Khan said...

Haters back off! It's really sad that people feel the need to do that. But all the while you are out here getting it and focused on that n ct level. I admire you girl and hope our paths will cross again. We both grown so much since Hs. Haha.

U.Bae said...

Yaaaass to this article and Corinna. lol