Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Why hello!

Life, I love it this pesky little thing that God created for us. We're supposed to enjoy it, however, most of us spend most of the time worrying about situations we cannot change. We allow people in our lives who don't need to be there. We make countless excuses for others because our hearts are big. What sucks is that for some, they get tired of being taken advantage of so they turn into a heartless cold person. I don't ever want to be that, I don't ever want that to happen to me. I pray that I continue to have a great heart and see the good in people while being smart about who to let in my life on a personal level and who to keep at a distance.

For me, I found myself repeating situations with people. I found myself stuck in a position that was familiar, and why? I thought I was over that part in my life. I thought I was done dealing with people who acted in that way. For some reason, I allowed it to seep its way through to my happiness. Now I find myself miserable, unhappy and questioning myself again. This time, instead of allowing that to happen for a long period of time, I decided to make sure that it stopped. It sucks because I want to give people the benefit of the doubt but no, this time, I'm putting myself first.

I'm not vengeful, I'm not mean instead I'm now looking out for me. God put me through situations for me to learn and grow. How can I grow if I allow myself to make the same mistakes? To fall for the same games? To open the door to the same type of people who mean no good? There comes a point in life when you know what's good for you, who's good for you; don't play yourself. Listen to that voice that's telling you what and who is good and drop everything else that isn't. Happy growing in this amazing thing we call life my friend!

<3 Ebony  

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