Thursday, October 20, 2016


OKAY! This is so awesome! I finally got my new cover thanks to Sogni Di Marzapane check out Songni's portfolio here :  



When their home land of Mantic was ruined by a deadly fire, sixteen-year-old Libby and her family, a group of shape shifting creatures, are desperate to escape the supernatural hunters who roam the deadly forest they call home. They seek safety in Alaska, where the arctic temperatures should suppress their powers, allowing them to remain undetected. 

 Libby quickly falls for a boy named Aaron, who’s one of the last remaining supernatural hunters of his generation. When Libby starts to fall in love with Aaron, her powers grow rapidly out of control. She tries to suppress her powers but one night an accident results in the death of Aaron's grandmother.

Her family tries to cover up her deadly mistake, but it isn't long before Libby is being hunted, but this time by the boy she loves. In a ballet that will end either the shape-shifter or the hunter creed, Libby has to make a lethal decision as she's torn between her family and the love of her life. 

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