Friday, September 30, 2016

Quiet Minds?

It's simple..
or at least I think it is, to have a quite mind
one that has no thoughts
has no dreams
instead just sits...

sits like those who complain about the world and offer no action
sits like the generation who feels as if they are entitled to the world
sits as in a dog that does what it's told
but instead it's harder than that

it doesn't sit
it doesn't stay quiet... it moves
in a way that I can't shut it down
in a way that my thoughts..those damn words cause me to drown
in them
and about them
with them
for them
all because of them
those damn words
they fill my mind when I sit
when I stand
when I sleep
when I work
when I drive
when I'm out
and when I'm at home

It's nice having a mind that doesn't rest at times
I'm able to write novels... but what about sleep?
what about sanity?
those things are a rarity
it's a blessing and yet a curse
but a card that I've been dealt by God
because he knows I can handle it
Sleep one day will come
until then I'll let the words fill my mind
pour out of my heart
and fill the pages of novels
while I sit
and I write

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