Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fake Complaint Scams on Voicemail

Good morning loves! I thought I would write a little something that's been happening to me lately. Since I've moved, I've been getting random recorded voicemails that say a civil suit is against me OR someone claiming to be an officer in the Denver/Aurora area.  I know this is a scam, however plenty of people might not know it's a scam. Here's how this scam works.

1. They leave a voicemail, either recorded or a live person
2. They claim to be an officer, lawyer or a representative of a company
3. They claim there's a claim against you
4. They want you to call them back ASAP, they give you a number to call
5. When and IF you call, they require you to pay a fee in order for the claim to be removed

IF you get these phone calls and or voicemail DO NOT pay these people. Odds are, they are scammers. Instead give the information to local law enforcement, because if you didn't know, impersonating an officer or any official is illegal. Also if you do call back, you can say you're with local law officers and will hand over the phone, or that you're with your lawyer and will hand over the phone.

I claimed to be in my lawyers office and the man hung up on me and refused to answer my phone calls again. BE AWARE of these scammers!

1. Don't freak out
2. Don't call them back
3. Contact your local police department and send them the information
4. Get a lawyer and let them know this information
5. Take matters into your own hands and challenge them

ONE THING that might make you think these scams are real, is that these people do research on any public profile. They might know that you have kids and their ages, they might have your address, social media handles and so on. ANYTHING that is on the internet and public information they will use to make you think this is real.

My advice is listed above, ultimately listen to your gut!

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