Friday, August 26, 2016


Hey loves, I wanted to give you an update!

 A few days ago my father and I packed up my car and drove from Dallas, Texas to Denver, Colorado! I was a little nervous making a long car ride AGAIN (back in July we drove from Orlando, FL to Virginia!) However, this time, I actually had a good time!

I prayed over my journey as I do every time when I get in the car and God was in my favor. Every car driver drove like they had common sense! The left lane was used ONLY for the fast drivers like me, and if someone wasn't going fast enough THEY ACTUALLY GOT OVER! The highways were so beautiful! We managed to hit the highways that were brand new or damn near close to it. There were no cracks, holes or dead animals it was a smooth ride the entire way! My car also gets great mileage because I only had to fill her up maybe three times (the third time it was just a top off).

RANDOM, there was this Chevron station (don't remember where) that had the nicest bathrooms ever. The counter tops were granite, the walls were cobble stone, it smelled amazing and was clean. I thought I was in a restaurant at one point.

Nonetheless, we made it to Denver in about ten hours instead of twelve because the ride was so smooth and in my favor glory be to God for that. I'm now in Denver and have checked out an apartment complex I really want to stay at.

I introduced my dad to my radio family, for once I feel at home. Everyone there is friendly and supportive and were excited that I accepted the offer. This time meeting them AGAIN, it solidified that I was supposed to be there. There's no bitterness or insecurities among the other talents or reps. They're truly one big family who are ready to adopt me and take me in! Because of that reason alone, I accepted the job.

I'm already driving around parts of the city like I've been here forever. I'm excited for this new journey, for this chapter in my life and to see where I end up because of Denver. I truly feel that God puts you where you need to be even if you might not understand why. For me that place was College Station, Texas, I couldn't understand why he wanted me to take that gig, but I'm so grateful that I did.

I'll keep you updated of course! Now, I have to relax a little more before hitting the gym at the hotel.

<3 Ebony

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