Friday, August 26, 2016


Hey loves, I wanted to give you an update!

 A few days ago my father and I packed up my car and drove from Dallas, Texas to Denver, Colorado! I was a little nervous making a long car ride AGAIN (back in July we drove from Orlando, FL to Virginia!) However, this time, I actually had a good time!

I prayed over my journey as I do every time when I get in the car and God was in my favor. Every car driver drove like they had common sense! The left lane was used ONLY for the fast drivers like me, and if someone wasn't going fast enough THEY ACTUALLY GOT OVER! The highways were so beautiful! We managed to hit the highways that were brand new or damn near close to it. There were no cracks, holes or dead animals it was a smooth ride the entire way! My car also gets great mileage because I only had to fill her up maybe three times (the third time it was just a top off).

RANDOM, there was this Chevron station (don't remember where) that had the nicest bathrooms ever. The counter tops were granite, the walls were cobble stone, it smelled amazing and was clean. I thought I was in a restaurant at one point.

Nonetheless, we made it to Denver in about ten hours instead of twelve because the ride was so smooth and in my favor glory be to God for that. I'm now in Denver and have checked out an apartment complex I really want to stay at.

I introduced my dad to my radio family, for once I feel at home. Everyone there is friendly and supportive and were excited that I accepted the offer. This time meeting them AGAIN, it solidified that I was supposed to be there. There's no bitterness or insecurities among the other talents or reps. They're truly one big family who are ready to adopt me and take me in! Because of that reason alone, I accepted the job.

I'm already driving around parts of the city like I've been here forever. I'm excited for this new journey, for this chapter in my life and to see where I end up because of Denver. I truly feel that God puts you where you need to be even if you might not understand why. For me that place was College Station, Texas, I couldn't understand why he wanted me to take that gig, but I'm so grateful that I did.

I'll keep you updated of course! Now, I have to relax a little more before hitting the gym at the hotel.

<3 Ebony

Monday, August 22, 2016

Goodbye TEXAS and Hello Denver, Colorado!

I'm excited, a little sad and anxious all at the same time! There are a few more emotions I could throw in, but I'll keep it to a minimum. Texas has been great for me! I got my ENTIRE life together in the time being...well maybe not ENTIRE but a good amount.

What I learned:
I'm worthy and that life will not only throw you lemons, but it'll also throw you the tree it came on so you better grab an ax and get ready to have a summer supply of lemonade. I'm more than my appearance because weight isn't a bad thing, it's not about how much you have but how happy you are to have it. Also, depression creeps in at the most inconvenient times, however, how I chose to face it is up to me. Lastly, I'm not alone Gods got me ALWAYS

What I'll miss:
The constant heat, rain storms that are perfect to watch while on the porch because it's hot as heck outside. I'll miss the few friends that I made here, these friendships are different, they are life timers. OH and I can't forget highway 6, the best thing ever since it gets me to where ever I want to go. and of course I'll miss TEXAS A &M! I never had a college team that I was crazy about, and now I'm a lifetime Aggie fan.

What I wont miss:

Best things I've done that I never thought I'd do:
1. Have a complete mental breakdown that lead to me being so volunerable that the only person to talk to was God. I realize that's why he wanted me here all along, so I can focus on him.
2.Talk openly about God to people I don't know
3. Try Frog Legs and like it
4.Try craw-fish and like it
5.Take a road trip to NOLA
6. Interracially date! I actually dated other races while here! It was interesting
7.Wear tight dresses (those who know me know I hate dresses)
8. Learn how to do make up in a professional way
9. Take myself on a date.. I have to say I'm a great date!
10. Finish writing two novels in one year

What Texas has done for me:
1.If it wasn't for Texas I would've never finished a dream of mine, and that was to get my college education. My best accomplishment was walking across that stage and receiving my Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communications.

2. When it comes to accomplishments, is finding Celebrate Recovery. Without that program, I would still be lost in my faith. Because of that program I found God all over again, the change in me, my heart and the power of forgiveness is all due to the reintroduction to Jesus.

3. It helped me get stronger spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally! I beat my best squat load yesterday (August 23rd) I squatted 120lbs! That same day I deadliftted 150lbs! As far as the emotional part, my skin grew thicker by a couple inches, being in the south isn't the easiest thing especially with the highlight of racism in this decade at the moment. Mentally, I have to credit that to the physical, emotional and also spiritual growth.

4. My faith in the church was restored after my friend Jade invited me to her church, Connecting Point. Pastor Scott Willmore, teaches in the most REALISTIC UNAPOLOGETIC manner I've ever heard. I'm beyond grateful to have been fed the word from this man, he too has helped me see things, listen more and understand in ways other pastors couldn't.

5. Texas reassured me that hope is a great thing to have.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

MY RESPONSE TO : Why Only Married Men Want to Date Me

I came across this article on Huffington Post written by Brenda Mejia titled: Why Only Married Men Want to Date Me. The original version before she edited it shared how she dated more than one married man now this new revised article shares how she's trying to band women together. Notice when you scroll down to read the comments how the women are angry and mention parts of the article that are no longer available, they aren't crazy readers, they are expressing feelings based off of what was originally written before it was redone. I for one, wrote this response to the ORIGINAL article. 

Took me a while to read this because it's horribly written, and all I could think about was where's the editor? 

On another note, anyone willing to date a married person, man or woman; is someone that needs help. You aren't the only one in the world that's been cheated on, welcome to the club that might hold every person in the universe. To also say it's hard to date because you're a bigger woman, is a diss to all the other fuller women who date perfectly fine. It's not about your size, if someone isn't attracted to you then they aren't the one for you. Here's what bothers me, to be a person who seems to be happy to share that she dates married men is disturbing.

Like you Brenda, to speak from personal experience, I've been approached by plenty of men on social media and in person who are single and married. The beautiful thing about social media is that it connects us to many people across the globe. It's never crossed my mind to go out with someone on twitter just because they've asked, this lets me know that being asked out doesn't happen often for you. Once you found out that this man was married, you continued to date him and try your hand at other women's men, this time knowing their marital status. Then to mention that you don't feel bad about it because you aren't the only one that acted on it? The lack of compassion and sympathy that you mildly express for other people is truly sad. I wonder, has it ever crossed your mind that married men don't want to "date" you instead they want to sleep with you? Also, none of those men left their wives for you, so I imagine that stung a little right? 

This world is tough, and because of social media and the access that it does give us is a blessing and a curse. How you handle being accessed is a different story. You can never be filled by being with a married person because they are not vowed to you, that marriage was not blessed for you, that unity didn't have you in it at the alter and should've never gotten to the point where you were allowed in it. The first one I understand you knew nothing about it, okay that's fine; but for the ones after that to know it and still go for it is not fine. You aren't a peacemaker, you aren't some type of angel that fell from the heavens to help women realize their men aren't perfect, instead you're someone who wants love and needs it so she seeks it from anyone. But Brenda, in order to get that love, have that interest and hopefully find someone to marry you...... first starts with YOU.

Building yourself up to be the best person you can be for yourself will attract the right person. When you're broken and so wounded it brings the pigs and assholes towards you at a rapid pace. I have no idea why it's like scum bags can smell defeat and insecurities a mile away and they prey on people who are satisfied with anything; much like what you're accomplishing by dealing with married men. Fix your heart then maybe someone who's deserving will cherish it properly when the time comes.

I truly hope you find your self-worth, build your self-confidence and believe in yourself soon. Dating married people only causes harm to those involved in more ways than one if you're religious read up on that in the Bible; I'll help you out with some chapters read up in 1 Corinthians and Hebrew chapter 13, and if you're not religious just think of morals and self-respect. I also found it comical that you had the audacity to give advice. Ladies, please don't read this article written by a woman who cannot keep a man or find her own. She's like that single friend who will ruin your relationship so you can be just as miserable as her. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Jake Dexter Blessed the Studio

So EXCITED! I had the pleasure of chit chatting with Jake Dexter, an amazing pop/ hip-hop band from Texas! They're doing a live show for first Friday at the Palace in Bryan, Texas today August 5th. Playing "Mr.Postman" from their  latest album titled "Clockwork" they also played LIVE, a song off their new album called "Apocalypse" 

Check them out :) 

Monday, August 1, 2016


From the moment I woke up I was in a GREAT mood! THEN the day progressed, it happened quick, like just got out of bed haven't fully used the bathroom type of quick before the devil was hard at work.

I'm going through a great transitional phase in my life, I recently received plenty job offers for  MAJOR markets for radio and I'm glad to say I decided on one  :) (details to come). Because of all the greatness, and because I give all the glory to God for it, the devil isn't to happy. Mind you, I don't care about what the devil has to say or think; he has no place in my life, in my kingdom of God; he needs to have SEVERAL seats. Any-who, for some reason every little thing was making me mad! For some, I could justify the irritation but for others I was just being a jerk, it wasn't that big of a deal.

I was spiraling this morning, just emotional, dramatic and OVER THE top; worse than reality show over the top. If I had to rate it I would say I was acting like an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians mixed with a Love and Hip Hop reunion episode. Lately I've been really good at expressing myself to those I trust and asking for advice. My amazing man, reminded me of something so precious today, and that's that I'm not alone.

I wanted to be negative, I wanted to worry, I wanted to question my God, but for WHAT? No Idea. The reassurance of "I'm not alone", those simple words opened my heart and eased my mind again. I got chills because I felt God speak through him, and I felt him telling me in such a loving way that I believed him.

Matthew 6:25 is always in my brain now, it's about not worrying about tomorrow, clothes food and so much more. Here, think it'll be better if I just look it up for you:

Matthew 6:25 : Therefore I tell you do not worry ab out your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 

Long story short on this random blog/rant/expression deal thing, no matter your position in life, days, people the devil will always try you. It isn't about how many times that button is hit, it's about what you do when it's hit.  I could've easily allowed today to suck, instead I decided to act, ask, pray and work on my attitude all morning. It helps when you have people or a person in your corner, if you don't have one, just message me, I'll be more than happy to say a prayer for you. 

<3 Ebony