Monday, August 22, 2016

Goodbye TEXAS and Hello Denver, Colorado!

I'm excited, a little sad and anxious all at the same time! There are a few more emotions I could throw in, but I'll keep it to a minimum. Texas has been great for me! I got my ENTIRE life together in the time being...well maybe not ENTIRE but a good amount.

What I learned:
I'm worthy and that life will not only throw you lemons, but it'll also throw you the tree it came on so you better grab an ax and get ready to have a summer supply of lemonade. I'm more than my appearance because weight isn't a bad thing, it's not about how much you have but how happy you are to have it. Also, depression creeps in at the most inconvenient times, however, how I chose to face it is up to me. Lastly, I'm not alone Gods got me ALWAYS

What I'll miss:
The constant heat, rain storms that are perfect to watch while on the porch because it's hot as heck outside. I'll miss the few friends that I made here, these friendships are different, they are life timers. OH and I can't forget highway 6, the best thing ever since it gets me to where ever I want to go. and of course I'll miss TEXAS A &M! I never had a college team that I was crazy about, and now I'm a lifetime Aggie fan.

What I wont miss:

Best things I've done that I never thought I'd do:
1. Have a complete mental breakdown that lead to me being so volunerable that the only person to talk to was God. I realize that's why he wanted me here all along, so I can focus on him.
2.Talk openly about God to people I don't know
3. Try Frog Legs and like it
4.Try craw-fish and like it
5.Take a road trip to NOLA
6. Interracially date! I actually dated other races while here! It was interesting
7.Wear tight dresses (those who know me know I hate dresses)
8. Learn how to do make up in a professional way
9. Take myself on a date.. I have to say I'm a great date!
10. Finish writing two novels in one year

What Texas has done for me:
1.If it wasn't for Texas I would've never finished a dream of mine, and that was to get my college education. My best accomplishment was walking across that stage and receiving my Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communications.

2. When it comes to accomplishments, is finding Celebrate Recovery. Without that program, I would still be lost in my faith. Because of that program I found God all over again, the change in me, my heart and the power of forgiveness is all due to the reintroduction to Jesus.

3. It helped me get stronger spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally! I beat my best squat load yesterday (August 23rd) I squatted 120lbs! That same day I deadliftted 150lbs! As far as the emotional part, my skin grew thicker by a couple inches, being in the south isn't the easiest thing especially with the highlight of racism in this decade at the moment. Mentally, I have to credit that to the physical, emotional and also spiritual growth.

4. My faith in the church was restored after my friend Jade invited me to her church, Connecting Point. Pastor Scott Willmore, teaches in the most REALISTIC UNAPOLOGETIC manner I've ever heard. I'm beyond grateful to have been fed the word from this man, he too has helped me see things, listen more and understand in ways other pastors couldn't.

5. Texas reassured me that hope is a great thing to have.

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