Friday, June 17, 2016

Slay Queen Hair Review Part 1

First i have to give a BIG shout out to my stylist Reeka with Amani Hair Salon in Bryan, Texas! She is amazing. I was so happy when I found her during my emotional break down that lead to me chopping off my hair and getting a killer sexy Mohawk. She did her magic YET again and sewed in a kick-ass install, 3 bundles of Malaysian Body Wave 12-14-16 and a 12inch silk based closure from Slay Queen Hair. 

I loved that it came in a silk bag! Why? Well for one, I sleep with a silk bonnet to protect my natural hair, so to see that a company also cares for their hair like I do my own; they got major props from me.

It smelled great, natural, no chemicals or odors. The wefts are thick and the hair bounces back quickly. It holds heat, so be careful when flat ironing or curling try to wait to touch it, I'd wait a few seconds. It holds curls well whether I used the rods, flat or curling iron.

Very affordable, they have something for everyone so I suggest checking them out. They also offer bleach blond extensions, a variety of textures and so on. Check em out here

I'll do another blog in a month or so after it's been in and handled a few washes. In the mean time, check out some hair awesomeness from Reeka at Amani Hair Salon in Bryan, Texas.

Obvious Mohawk grow out so she tames that too with an A lined bob. 

Crochet Braids with my sides faded. Felt like Mc Lyte 
 After my first haircut, felt good. Double V's in the back
 Saw this design on Instagram so she did it for me 

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