Sunday, June 12, 2016


I woke up this morning in a great mood. Went to church at Connecting Point, and for the first time in a long time, I cried during the service. It was about forgiveness and at the end, the highlight was how guilt slowly kills us. It was powerful, my pastor (Scott Willmore) took a gasoline can and said:
"I can't forgive what this person did to me" then he bored the water from the gas can over him. Again he said
"Their lies hurt" poured more over his head... and so on and so forth.  Lastly adding if we continue to live life with this guilt and unforgiveness, we might as well light the match too.

I get to work and put in a few hours. Then I open my web browser only to read the horror that happened in Orlando, 50 dead over 53 injured, the city ran out of ambulances, etc. My God. What is happening?

My heart hurt, it cries for all those lost and those suffering the aftermath. This is senseless, why did this happen? Because a guy was outraged by seeing two men kiss? What does their life have to do with yours? Why was that so bad for him to see? Was he gay and jealous that he couldn't come out? So many thoughts, I have so many questions.

Different people are what make this place beautiful. Why hate it? Why kill it? It's not up to man to take a life yet so many think it is. This act of terror is because of a man hating homosexuals. There are many just like him who also preach religion. Well, guess what. Jesus died for ALL of us, not just those righteous and those faking to be.

It doesn't matter that they were gay, human lives were taken, that's all that should matter.

<3 Ebony

#jesusfixit #prayfororlando

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