Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My Voice a memoir by Angie Martinez

My book FINALLY CAME IN! I picked it up on Sunday the 5th and finished it today the 8th.

When I was six-years-old, I told my sister Natasha that I wanted to be the girl on the television. We were watching some award show, and she was on the red carpet. I didn't just want to be the dolled up woman on the TV in 1995. Instead, I wanted to have a voice make it heard and tell important stories.

As years progressed, my sister and I would take my mom's camcorder; it was a Sony brand, silver and bulky. I was reporting on a critical story. At the time a Dominoes Pizza in Anchorage, Alaska was temporarily shut down because their soda can tops have rat poison on them. So I HAD to report this, I HAD to tell the people. Come to think of it, the only people who watched it was my poor parents (love yall ).

It didn't matter if one person saw it, if a million people saw it or if I only saw it. The point to me, even at that young age was to report it. As I grew up, I got a chance to make that dream a reality. For those who don't know. I was a weather girl for Fox News at 18 for three years and then jumped right into radio, I've been a successful personality for also ten years, and I love it.

When reading Angie's book, I felt connected, inspired, valued and determined. This book, her life, one that I admired because of her 1. love of hip-hop, 2. her ability to report equally and tell ALL sides, 3. her beauty, 4. her talents, 5. her heart, 6.her never ending will to succeed and try new things.

Connected, how? Well, I also have many talents, and I was told by many that I had to pick one. Pick one talent and go for it then maybe dabble in the other areas later on. I didn't take that advice from people; I still pursue what I want and how I want. At times, I felt guilty, and before I read this book, I was heavily determined to just pick one dream. Angie picked ALL her dreams. This woman was a rapper, writer, activist, hosted a TV show, and of course on radio and so much more. This not only shows me, but PEOPLE that you don't have to pick ONE, go after everything that's in your heart.

Inspired because she had plenty of wisdom in her book, in her life! The people she was connected with from 2 Pac, Mary J, B.I.G, Pecas, Jay-Z and so much more. She surrounded herself with active people who always picked her up and were uplifting. Words I will forever remember come from Angie 1. "Run your own race" and 2. 'If something happens to throw you off, you can't curl up in it. You have to get past it." Yesterday, my dad told me that "You've surrounded yourself with some great people kid." It was then, that I realized that my circle has changed drastically and it mainly consists of Christians, goal driven ladies and creatives.

Valued...Even at her times of doubt and being self-conscious from exes to friends and co-workers she always managed to find the light and push through. It might have taken her awhile, but she did it. She realized what her worth is, from an ex who tripped that she was going to interview Pac during the "west coast east coast" beef, to one trying to make her feel guilty for loving her job. She dusted herself off, did the hard thing to let go and keep going.

Determined. This book came at the right time in my life. Coming from someone that I look up to in the game, I could hear her voice speak to me as I read. I could hear the different artist talk through the words also, and I would put myself at that exact moment with her because I understood. I get it. I feel it; her words are powerful, and her life is just as compelling. I was in a slump and slowly pulling myself out. "God what's next?" from the book and prayer  I gathered this "Ebony, it's only the beginning."

<3 Ebony

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