Friday, June 10, 2016

He Tried to Take Her Right in Front of Her Mother...

When I watch this video, I'm instantly mad at many things. This is in broad daylight which now means that at ANY moment ANYWHERE this can happen. Her mother was RIGHT there, and he still had the audacity to try and take this little girl. There are PEOPLE IN THE STORE, and not one tried to help. The only reason why this man was arrested was by the grace of God. An off-duty police officer just so happened to be in the parking lot as the man ran out of the store. 

As the sex industry is on the rise, a friend of mine can't help but question, was she (if this was successful) going to be one of many little children sold to the industry? An industry according to Huffington Post, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and more media outlets has said is "on the rise and busy." I don't even want to think about the outcome if this mother hadn't tried with everything she had to stop this ridiculous man from taking her baby. 

There were people in the store; this might be what also irritated me. Not one person helped. Instead, they watched as this man dragged this child from an isle to in front of the counter to almost the door. As a society we tend to be complacent in the thoughts of " someone else will help, so I don't have too." I know plenty of mothers who I would assume if they witnessed this would've grabbed something and started to beat the breaks of this man. Heck, I know men who would step in, in a heartbeat. 

I'm just thankful that there was an off-duty police officer in the parking lot to catch this man. In most cases there isn't a police officer, in most cases it's pitch black, in most cases there aren't people around, in most cases this is successful. There are to many of our babies that don't come home because of mans' inability to keep their fantasies, urges, and tendencies to themselves. The lack of self-control is what dooms any society, and it's been hard at work in ours since Adam bit the apple. (For clarification, when I say 'mans' I mean that as in ALL women and men.)

These cases will be on the rise because we have desensitized ourselves to the human body and sex. If this isn't true, why are so many rape cases being tossed? If this isn't true, then why are the sex industry and sex trade industry on the rise?  We have to do better; we NEED to do better. 

<3 Ebony

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