Tuesday, June 7, 2016

6 Month Rape Sentence....

A friend of mine posted this to her Facebook today. Plenty of thoughts ran through my mind as I hear the verdict given to a Stanford student Brock Turner, 20 got a slap on the wrist for sexual assault. Only six months in jail for RAPING an unconscious woman. For more on that story CLICK HERE 

Let me just go on a little rant here about an issue that's been bothering me...

For those who are pro-RAPE, this motion to dismiss any claims of RAPE or abuse after a person agrees to go to someone's house is ridiculous. Some guys call it a "tease" I just call it a way for you to be the disgusting predator that you already were. You just want this motion to go through so you can RAPE whomever you want without repercussions.

Back to the coward of Brock Turner and every other person who says "what did she expect?" please revert to that picture above. I'm not one to drink in a setting I don't know, ask those around me; I don't drink much, but when I do, I know my limits. Unfortunately, not everyone is like that; not everyone knows their limits let alone care about them. BUT does that mean it's okay to take advantage of those people who are in that situation????? Most RAPES happen from those who you know and or trust.

 I can say that because it happened to....

No, she wasn't drunk or on drugs, just overpowered; and when she tried to speak on it, she was interrogated, questioned by an ADULT that she trusted and then she thought it was her fault. She felt dirty like she called for it to happen and never spoke about it again.  For the remainder of her life in Alaska, she had to see his face, watch him watch her all over again, see him enjoying his life and wonder how many other women he did this too. Pray to God that he doesn't do it to anyone else, and most importantly pray for someone else to have courage no matter what people say to press charges and make it known.

I can't imagine the horror that this woman went through. Being RAPED and not knowing it, being so far gone that you have no recollection of the night and or event. It breaks my heart, it sucks, and it needs to change. The truth is, with science and years passing things only get more advanced.RAPE is not a light matter, when it's done a piece of the victim is gone, in some cases all of the victim is gone. Some people commit suicide, turn to drugs and alcohol, others become so secluded they get a little crazy in the head. Since the effects of RAPE last awhile so should each sentence.

<3 Ebony

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