Monday, June 6, 2016

1 Year in Celebrate Recovery

Tonight, I received my year chip at Celebrate Recovery. CR is a Christ-centered recovery group for ALL hurts, hang-ups and habits. For me, I decided to take my life back a year ago from all of my abusers. It wasn't easy walking into Grace Church on a Sunday when I didn't want to. All I wanted to do was sleep, however God had other plans. I was almost late to church when I heard a young woman named DeAngela tell her story. She was so raw, honest, open and did this in CHURCH so I knew I had to speak with her. We exchanged numbers and she also told me more about CR, the locations, times and who to contact. The following Monday, I walked into Brazos Fellowship. 

I sat through the music in silence, the words were on the screens but I didn't want to sing I just wanted to sit there, drown myself in the words.  I was safe, for once I felt love and the love of Jesus overtake me. After the testimony, I sat still for the New Comers 101, there I met a fabulous woman named Nadine. From then on, my life was changed. I get emotional thinking about that woman, she is amazing a true blessing from God with one hell of a story of her own. I latched onto her, she introduced me to her friends who are now my amazing bible study group :). 

Long story short, when I got my chip today I was reminded that I'm forever free. I no longer hated the men and women who did wrong to me. I also prayed on forgiveness for the wrongs that I've done, reaching out to those I didn't want to but yet NEEDED to, just to say "sorry." I proudly hold this chip and look forward to the years to come. 

Thank you God. 
"Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord himself, is my strength & my defense he has become my salvation." - Isaiah 12:2

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