Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Another Step

When I start something, I will always finish it. I never want to get in the habit of not finishing something, no matter the excuse, whether the time has passed, or I'm busy or flat out tired. I'm a person who will always finish what I start; I have this desire to never leave things unturned or question a pathway I have decided to take. Over the weekend, I finally finished a long goal of mine. I graduated college!!

For me this is huge, I started at the typical timeline of 18 right out of high school. The only issue, I was blessed with the opportunity to start my career. So I made the decision to put my education on hold and become Alaska's youngest weather forecaster at 18 years old. For three years, I taught myself graphs, weather terminology, news tricks and the list goes on. The I jumped into radio! A place that gave me a voice didn't hide my tattoos, accepted my weird habits and turned them into selling gold! After being in broadcast for almost ten years, I have the degree to match, my writing is taking off, and the next stage of my life is about to begin!

I'll have more information on my next stage; as for now, Never stop, always chase, and go until you reach your dreams! I achieved this one, and I have a few more to go.

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Greg said...

Congratulations! This is huge! many blessings!