Monday, April 11, 2016


Everyone has a story; not everyone chooses to tell their story. For me, I want to tell my stories because I have nothing to hide, I don't mind, and I understand the platform I'm on so it can be beneficial to others. One thing that comes along with this type of transparency is that I open myself up to criticisms and judgment from people who know absolutely nothing about me.

After talking with my father and other great people in my life, they had some amazing words of wisdom when it comes to people hating on you. Now, I've experienced haters before; that is nothing new to me whether it comes because I'm further in my career, or I finished school, or I'm in killer shape and so on; however, I haven't experienced one who has no reason not to like me. . All of which has been exposed to the fact of jealousy, envy, intimidation and insecurity that this other person possess. At first, I didn't believe these things to be true because we are two different people, two different identities and frankly two different unique styles. That was until I spoke with people who know this person, and the things they shared was very insightful.

For me, this is a genuine case of "it's not me it's you."Once I got that through my head, thanks to those around me,  I'm no longer hurt, irritated or upset that this person who knows nothing but chooses to judge; is simply lost and hurting herself. So I cannot blame them for taking everything (even if it's nice) the wrong way, I cannot blame them for sucking their teeth when people comment me, I can't blame them for the eye rolls when people say hi to me, I can't blame them for being an ass because honestly they are so ugly on the inside that's all that shows on the outside.

Being insecure is a serious issue. It ruins relationships, work related, personal, etc. the list goes on. The only thing you can do is kill them with kindness like you've been doing because any other emotion requires too much energy that they don't deserve. Now be warned, that this will make them hate you more, and for that greet with open arms. Here are a few great quotes from my friends and father who I talked to about my experience with someone like this:

"The Lord is testing your strength! Don't let the enemy get the best of you, honey!" - Jo Jo

"Unfortunately, this is a girl who is reverting to childish antics and lashing out at you out of jealousy" - Daddy

"Insecurity leads to pride, which can lead to being opinionated and having to be right. Often accompanied by control issues and low self-esteem which lead one to lash out at positive people" - ND

"Continue to be nice and let God use you" - NS

"You are one of the most amazing persons I have ever met with the best personality and biggest heart, for other who don't have that quality it's hard to like someone who does" -JJ

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Meagan said...

I've been going through the same thing. I really appreciate your blog and what you share. It does show me that I'm not the only one and that I can overcome also! It sucks that this person didn't give you a chance, I bet they are missing out on a great friend. At the same time, continuing to take the high road is a great idea. I admire all that you do at your age, others wont appreciate it and see it as threatening. I'll say this one last thing. I love your radio show, it is always uplifting and happy and fun! have a great day Ebony!