Monday, April 25, 2016

Beautiful Skin

I'm not sure how many times I want to throw up when I see women of color (any race) who hate their skin. It's no secret that skin bleaching is on the rise, it's always been an issue in the darker skin community. We have years, decades, probably even from the beginning of time have been taught that dark is bad. From all the villains wearing a mask to whispers of nightfall bringing terror, to shaming darker skinned people and the list goes on.

As for me, I love my skin despite being told on many occasions that I shouldn't. I love the lotion I wear, I love not having to get skin cancer just to get a few shades darker, I love the hate that it brings. There is a fear of the dark because something strong typically happens and can overtake you or a situation. I understand, and I am proud of what I was born with.

Logging on today, I see Lil Kim's latest Instagram picture (CLICK HERE) she has been one emcee that I loved when growing up. Her unapologetic nature, sexiness, sass and rhymes to match. Now she is one of many celebrities I don't wish to follow or keep up with. For some reason, I feel as if she hates her skin. Why is she getting lighter and blonder with each picture?  I have so many questions, but instead of asking them; I would rather make sure I accept my skin as beautiful. I pray that as I grow up, I don't let the industry or European standards of beauty get to me. If I am blessed with children one day, I pray I have a little girl and that she loves her skin and everything that she is.

I hear younger children hate on each other; I have grown friends who hashtag "team light skin" and "team dark skin" thinking that it's cute and funny when in reality it creates an even bigger divide between us as people. It's sickening; it sucks, but that's our reality. As for me personally, I cannot find shame in my skin, despite being told that I should. I've been told "wow you are pretty for a black girl you must be mixed", I've been told that I think I'm better than the other black girls because I'm "lighter" (this is from the African-American community), I've been told that I'm very talented, but they want someone who looks different for this radio or TV job (when I go back and check, they hire a Caucasian woman with bleach blonde hair ad no talent). Am I upset? No, instead I am grateful and thank God for who I am and how he made me. I thank God for the strength I have in order to keep going in this crazy, superficial world I live in, and work in.I thank God for the trails because I hate things that are easy, things that come easy tend to be gone just as fast.

Okay, I believe i'm done with my rant. I just want you to know that your skin is beautiful no matter the shade.

<3 Ebony

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