Friday, March 4, 2016

Student Steals Teachers Phone

A South Carolina teacher was fired after a student took the teachers cell phone, stole private pictures that she had on there for her lover and texted it to the entire school. What happened to the student?
NOTHING! This folks is what’s wrong with the children today. There is a sense of entitlement, no respect for authority figures, and no respect for their education. The complaining, amount of gadgets that they have and the new age of technology has created a new generation of brats. However, despite my rant on technology and its advances the other problem comes from the parents. I am a firm believer that it starts at home.

Respect, discipline and common sense typically come from the adults around children. There is no way in hell that I would have ever thought to disrespect an adult as a child. Heck, I don’t even disrespect adults as an adult. I was raised better than that, and I was raised to respect people and their property. That child had no reason to touch the teachers’ things let alone personal items. In my personal opinion, I believe that the student needs to be punished. Not only did he invade the teacher privacy, he also stole property, harassed the teacher and much more which ultimately caused her to lose her job; when she did nothing wrong.

What is this really teaching the children? That you can do anything you want and not get in trouble because you’re a child. I think the teacher should lawyer up, and file a civil suit against the school system and the student. This is unfair and completely stupid.


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