Wednesday, February 24, 2016

MAC and Black Lips

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This picture is beautiful for many reasons. 1. that lipstick is AMAZING, 2. her skin is flawless and 3. THEM LIPS ARE GODS GIFT! But yet, despite the beauty in this image, and that Mac Cosmetics was bold enough to use an African-American woman's lips for this campaign deserves it's own round of applause. Because of my praise, you should already know that the amount of comments left under the image because she is a black woman was to no surprise disgusting. People even unfollowed the brand because of their choice in model, others left nasty comments while one even posted that "black women always stealing from white women" that comment was funny because black women have great lips that most women inject to imitate...There were plenty of comments, and still are comments that are to nasty to post for my liking, here are a few

 In response tot he hateful words, MAC posts this to their Instagram page... 

My thoughts, I applaud MAC for putting this picture up.  I also think it is great that they responded in such a public way. I don't get mad when I read hateful comments that attack black women and our features. Instead I laugh, while most people are so ignorant and complain and call us ugly... Those same women are tanning to get darker, filling their lips to make it plumper, injecting their asses for a fuller effect, and slowly but surely becoming culture vultures from a culture that set the standards for what is cool and in from the beginning of time. It sucks that people feel so threatened by certain people and racial groups they have to result in hate.

As a side note.... I saw this picture the other day, this is NOT A NEW TREND! These bubbles have hurt my head plenty of times growing up, nice try Urban Outfitters...

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