Wednesday, January 27, 2016

World Of Wonder

We live in a world, where it's okay to be complacent in our dreams, where sensitivity is at an all time high, where everything is racist or sexist, and everyone else is at fault for our failures . We live in a time where people beat each other down, talk bad about one another and wish or pray for their enemies’ downfall. Knowing that, how do you think this world is doing today? 

There are suicide bombers, terrorists of all kinds foreign and those known at home. YET, we tend to turn a blind eye to what we have going on in our own backyards, and look at the mud filled pigpens of our neighbors. We live in a world, where it’s okay to be ignorant. Where it’s okay for an entertainer to make a mockery of a political platform, where when wearing cameras, the police are still killing us and getting away with it, where people can end up dead in jail after illegally being booked, where someone can yell "rape" and have an innocent man placed behind bars. We live in a world were kids are obese, and shame on a teacher for pushing gym class, where "guns kill people" yet we forget that someone had to pull the trigger, where being heavy set is "gross" and to thin is just as "gross", where body shaming is the new fad, and cyber bullying is the new trend. You see, we live in a world of hatred, ignorance, obliviousness and manipulation. 

Many people before us had dreams that everything will be equal, that all of us will love one another, that man and woman will get the same pay and respect, and that this place, the world will be so loving to where we can live in peace. What happened to the dreamers? When did dreaming become preaching, when did dreaming become a phase, and when did wanting what is best for the universe become too farfetched? 

I get confused when I turn on the news. The senseless murders, the viral videos of little children fighting, the dance moves that are over sexualized, petty crime sprees, and bullying because one person looks different from the other. News makes me sad, because it is a harsh reality to what is really happening. This world is senseless; there aren't enough people who have good hearts that are left in this world to make a change. And IF I am wrong, where are you? What are you doing to help? Where is your voice? We have so much technology, there is no reason as to why inspirational videos, blogs, tweets, Instagram posts, and Facebook pages should be filled with ratchet crap instead of uplifting messages.

Remember the sayings: "do unto others as you want done unto you", "if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it at all", "sharing is caring", "be kind and respect your elders". Somewhere between elementary school and middle school, those ethical teachings went out the window. I fully believe that this world can truly be a place of love. That this country can truly understand that we are still separated and until drastic measures are taken, nothing will change. Prosecute the police who are killing people, don't just place them on paid administrative leave; have fair sentences for everyone for the same crimes! Doesn't matter if they are white, black, brown, purple or yellow and it shouldn't matter if they are male, female, rich or poor. Take a look at our education system, find a way to BREAK the chains when it comes to the inner city youths. REACH OUT and do something; and for the love of GOD stop giving up on people just because they made a mistake. God told us to forgive someone 70 times 7, imagine if we actually did that, not only forgave people, but helped them change? Provide outlets for them, give them tools to utilize, encouraging words of belief instead of telling them they will fail. What would happen if we allowed this to take place? Now, not everyone wants change, or is willing to help themselves and that’s okay, at least you tried.

I’ll be ecstatic when the day comes and we love one another unconditionally. Where there are no judgments, and where everyone helps out someone. I know I am thinking of heaven, but I would truly love to think that heaven can be on earth one day.  Just my thoughts….

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<3 Ebony

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